4 Reasons You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Taken a Swamp Tour


New orleans kayak swamp tour

Are you looking for an adventure that you’ll never forget? Perhaps you’re bored with the run-of-the-mill outdoor activities like hiking or camping. Maybe you’re thinking of going skydiving. That will get the adrenaline pumping, but the survival rate of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is less than appealing. Perhaps you would love an adventure like white water rafting or kayaking… but perhaps you want to kick it up a notch. Well hold on to your seat, we’re about to blow your mind grapes.

Have you ever thought of taking a swamp tour? Taking a swamp tour is like taking a fun kayak tour, but on steroids. Instead of just cruising along a seen-one-ya-seen-them-all river, you’re kayaking through a freaking swamp. And if kayaking isn’t your thing, swamp tours come in all shapes and sizes, including motor boats that require zero effort from you. Are you on board with our swamp tour idea? If not, here are a couple reasons to come to the swamp side:

  1. Getting up close and personal with Mother Nature is cathartic.
    The sun in your face. The wind in your hair. The sound of birds chirping in your ears (possibly moments before the jaws of an alligator snap shut on it! We’ll cover that part in a minute). Being in the great outdoors is good for your mind, body, and soul.

    When you take a swamp tour, you get to get yourself right in the thick of Mother Nature. As you coast along down the swampland and bask in the glory of the Planet Earth in all its glory, it’s absolutely impossible to stress about the responsibilities that you carry at the office. Who cares if your house is a mess, nature is purring all around you. The sunshine glowing on your face makes your stress melt away.

    We’ll throw this in for free. We’re talking about all swamp tours, not specifically kayaking tours… However, if you do tour the swamp via kayak, you’re incorporating physical fitness into your experience. Exercise produces endorphin’s that make you feel happy. Excercise in nature produces extra feel good vibes and is doubly great for you.
  2. Experience animals that aren’t your average bear.
    Y’all. Swamp creatures are weird. You might come across big ol’ hairy wild boars. You might birds and fish that you just can’t find elsewhere. And you might will see alligators. Maybe huge alligators. Alligators the size of a grown man.

    If it’s adrenaline that you want from your outdoor adventure, it’s hard to get your adrenaline pumping faster and harder than getting up close and personal with the alligator that took Captain Hook’s hand (wait.. was that a crocodile?). The creatures that you’ll come across on a swamp tour are the kinds of critters that you’ll enjoy telling your friends about at every dinner party you’re invited to for the rest of your life.

  3. Learn something new.

    The thing about going on a swamp tour is the tour part. Someone guides your boat and tells you what you’re looking at. What might look like murky water with some weeds popping out might actually be the home of dozens of species. Maybe you’re floating past ravenous piranhas. Getting to see the swamp with a guide who knows the swamplands like the back of their hand gives you the chance to gain a greater appreciation for an area you might not have thought about before.

  4. Where else will you ever get to hold a baby alligator?

    Many swamp tours don’t just show you the swamp. Some of them let you hold it in your own two hands. If you can’t imagine looking at an alligator out in its natural habitat, we bet that actually holding a baby alligator in your own hands would be the epitome of adventure your book; it is in ours. If holding a wild swamp creature is on you bucket list, taking a tour of a swamp is the way to go.

    Side Note: We add this point with an asterisk. Not all swamp tours give you a baby alligator to hold. If it’s a deal-breaker to you, your homework and make sure the one you sign you for a swamp tour that offers this.

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