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Three Simple Things You Can Do to Have a Better Vacation

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Did you know that people from North America and Europe account for about 80% of international tourists? Wherever you are from, and wherever you are going, the goal is always to have the best vacation possible. Great deals, inspiring destinations, and an easy journey are all important to making a good vacation great. Did you know that online travel videos could actually help you to have a better vacation, too? Here are three things you need to know to use online travel videos to your benefit.

  1. Be prepared by checking travel videos online.
  2. If you take the best travel deal websites, and then combine those deals with a better understanding of your destination by watching online travel videos, then you will be well on your way to saving money and getting more out of your vacation. Online travel videos can be essential tools to learning about what activities and attractions are available. Consider making a wishlist of the things that you would like to see and do, and then pack accordingly so that you are well prepared for that bungee jumping attraction that you discovered with the online travel videos.

  3. Make the trip go by faster and watch videos free online.
  4. Everyone loves the actual vacation part of vacation, but few people can do more than tolerate the air travel, car ride, or any other type of transportation method that is the precursor. If you are traveling by air, you may be able to use the internet to watch videos. Although you might have to pay to get access to the internet, you can still find free videos online, and if you did not have time before the trip, you can use the time in flight to watch those online travel videos and get ideas for things you would like to do.

  5. Never miss an attraction at your destination.
  6. Have you heard of video travel guides? Do you remember that wish list? If you end up spending more time relaxing than you had planned, that is fantastic, but it does not mean that you also have to miss out on all those attractions that you had hoped to see. Some websites offer video travel guides, so if you were in New York City and missed the St. Patrick Cathedral, or the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong, or the Roman Forum in Italy, then do not stress it. Online videos can help you get virtual tours and an idea of the landmarks that missed.

    Remember that you can use these online videos to help you plan your destination, enjoy the trip, and then cover anything that you might not have had time for. Every vacation deserves to be a little bit better, so use online videos to your advantage and enjoy every part of your vacation, from the planning, to the journey, and even the attractions that you did not have time to visit.

Our List of the Top Travel Websites that Can Potentially Save You a Lot of Money

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Did you know that in 2012, 14.6 million jobs in the U.S. were supported by the travel industry? Most people, when traveling, would prefer to save money on transportation rather than pinching pennies during their vacation. The difference between comparison shopping and just picking the first offer you see can be hundreds of dollars. What are the best websites for getting deals and checking out alternatives? Here is our list of the top travel search websites.

1. Best Airline Discount Travel Site

There are many sites for booking airline tickets, but we’re going to recommend Orbitz. It’s easy to look for car rentals, hotels, flights, and vacation combos all at the same time. They have some of the lowest listed prices you can find, and it’s possible to do a three day flexible search. They have a fairly good record of customer service, which is important for this industry. On the other hand, many people find their fare alerts insufficient. Other useful sites include Kayak, AirfareWatchdog, and Skyalert, which keeps track of cheaper local options, especially when traveling abroad.

2. Best Travel Video Website

Did you know that in Germany and many other countries, once it gets colder out vendors will sell hot chestnuts to people in the cities? One way to get a feel for a location is to check out online travel videos. This can be helpful whether you’re trying to narrow down your list of places you could visit, or if you want to get useful tips from people who’ve already been there. Great websites include Travelistic, Trip Films, and Zoom and Go. Online travel videos can also be useful to look up if you want to know the condition of a particular hotel or hostel.

3. Best Travel Websites Hotels

Did you know that the Hotel de Sal in Bolivia is constructed entirely out of salt? It was built in 1993 and has since continued to be a popular tourist destination. If you’re looking for an affordable hotel, or perhaps just a really unique and salty one, there are several great websites you can choose from. BedandBreakfast can connect you to smaller local places and has even the smallest inns registered. If you’re traveling alone, HostelBooker is great for finding hostels with either large group rooms or small, single rooms. Kayak is usually a top pick for all around hotel selection.

What are your favorite travel sites?

Make Sure You Enjoy Your Next Family Vacation

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Everyone knows that planning family vacations can be quite a hassle. Between taking time off of work, the hotel search and attempting to make sure that everyone sees what they want to, planning a vacation can sometimes seem like more work than an actual job. Those who want to take a fun trip may be interested in visiting some of the largest tourist sites in London, including Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

Throughout 2010, London attracted a large amount of visitors from Germany, France and The United States. Not only is it home to some of the best hotels, but it has a number of things both for people taking family vacations and business trips. In 2011, between business trips and vacationers, over 23.3 million people stayed in the city.

The next year in 2012, while London hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world flooded in. It was the latest in a series of fantastic tourist attractions for people. London is also home to the worlds oldest zoo, which first opened its door in 1828.

The ideal family vacations are those that find the ideal balance between fun, family time and keeping both stress and expenses low. While some people may think of a vacation to the United Kingdom to be a one way ticket to stress and financial destitution, the truth is that there are some incredible vacation packages that are quite affordable. With the best plan in hand, anyone can make sure that they come back from their vacation less stressed out than when they left. Read this for more.