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Five Tricks for Finding Budget Hotel Chains and Saving Big in London Town

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London cheap hotels

London: The capital of the United Kingdom, according to the London Plan, regularly pulls in more than 30 million tourists every year, and why wouldn’t it? Home to 43 renowned universities, well over 300 theaters, and bastions of cultures from across the world, London Town truly does offer something for everybody.

Having said that, however, London’s prices aren’t often considered to be for everybody. As The Daily Mail writes, London is the sixth most expensive city in the world. This title covers the expensive cost of living, the price of hotels, and the average price of restaurants and entertainment. However, just because the Big Smoke is known for its lavishness, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to visit the city on a shoestring budget. For would-be travelers struggling to save up the cash to visit London, finding budget hotel chains offering high-quality but cheap hotel rooms is the number one way to cut costs and afford a trip to the heart of the United Kingdom.

How to Find Cheap Hotel Prices

  1. The Web Offers Cheap Hotel Rates
  2. According to Bank Rate, the worldwide web represents the best way to find budget hotel chains. With countless travel websites, from Travelocity to LondonTown, the web offers a plethora of choices for travelers looking for great deals. Using online travel sites, the source writes, can easily save you $80 a night or more.

  3. Don’t Rely Too Much on Cheap Hotel Search Sites
  4. While travel websites are truly useful, the fact is that they aren’t always the best way to find budget hotel chains or the prices commonly associated with budget hotel chains. Fox Business writes that travelers should try finding hotels using the web, but they should go one step further and call each hotel to inquire about further deals. Many hotels will offer 20% discounts, for example, if you make reservations 10 days ahead of your stay via phone or in-person.

  5. Try Staying off the Beaten Path
  6. If you feel like you can give up the most basic amenities and the safety and security of London’s best budget hotel chains, then staying in one of the city’s many hostels, as Nomadic Matt, a travel blog dedicated to traveling cheaply, points out, is one of the best ways to cut your costs, wherever you’re going. However, the lack of private bathrooms and the need to sleep in communal living spaces with strangers is often reason enough to skip this option.

  7. Bundle Budget Hotel Chains with Airfare to Save Big
  8. As Travel and Leisure writes, bundling budget hotel chains with your airfare is a great way to save yourself 20% on travel arrangements. Most travel agents and booking websites will allow you to bundle without any hassle.

  9. Be Flexible with Your Schedule
  10. If you want to easily save money on your vacation, try being flexible with your schedule. As suggests, traveling during off-peak seasons and in the middle of the week, instead of the end, you can get greatly reduced deals at London’s best budget hotel chains or elsewhere.

If you’re tired of being unable to afford a trip to London, you’re in luck. With these five tips you can find great budget hotel chains and greatly reduce what you’ll pay to enjoy the Big Smoke. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. More:

Party Buses Your Solution to Designated Drivers and Parking

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Wine tour san diego

Planning a wedding, or coordinating a bachelorette party, bachelor party, sporting event, wine tour, or brewery tour? How many guests are you inviting? Where is everyone going to park? Do you need designated drivers? Party planning can easily get out of hand. Many hosts do not realize there is a simple solution to all of their problems: limo and party bus rentals.

Limo and party bus rentals accommodate 15 to 50 passengers, and allow guests to safely and conveniently enjoy big events, without worrying about parking and designated drivers. Although buses’ exteriors may resemble airport shuttles, charter buses, and tour buses, interiors can be quite extraordinary. Inside, guests will find hardwood flooring, a dance floor, elegant leather seating, surround sound systems, flat screen TVs, DVD players, stocked bars, and fiber-optic lighting. With all of the convenience, grenadier, and amenities, what is left to think about when choosing a party bus rental? Make sure to consider the following:

  • How much is a party bus rental? Party bus rentals prices vary based on a number of different factors. Rates may depend on the number of guests, distance traveled, event dates, event times, amenities, and more. Services may charge different rates for different packages. For example, some packages may include alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks; others may not. Some limo and party bus services may offer discounts on weekday events.
  • Is there a dress code? Most party buses require at least semi-formal attire. Services may be especially particular about footwear. The reason? Dress shoes, flats, and heels do not leave scuff marks on buses’ expensive hardwood flooring.
  • What amenities are included? Some buses offer alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, food items, and snacks. It is important to know whether these amenities are available, and how much they cost. If party buses include beverages and food, make sure to ask whether they also provide glasses, ice, napkins, etc.

Party buses offer solutions. Safely transport guests, and do it in style, using a party bus. The only question left to ask is, how much is a party bus rental?
Read more about this topic at this link.

Recently Married? Find the Best Couples Resorts for Your Honeymoon!

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Beach resorts

Celebrating your love, whether it’s a brand new marriage or a lasting connection tempered by time, shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re heading out on your honeymoon, you should be able to enjoy your time with your loved one through luxury resorts, great food, and amazing entertainment. No matter if you’re heading to the paradisaical Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania, or other remote getaways, you should be able to find couples resorts that fill your every need. However, doing so, as’s Honeymoons writes, can be a lot easier said than done. If you’re having a hard time finding couple-friendly hotels in Zanzibar, or anywhere else in the world, follow these three tips to help improve your search.

Know the Difference Between Couples Resorts Types
As suggests, there are many different types of holiday resorts that can accurately be described as couples resorts. However, there are huge differences to consider between each type. Adult-only couples resorts cater exclusively to guests over 18, meaning you can have a child-free getaway. Other couples resorts are “clothing optional.” If you’re staying at beach resorts, this could mean unwanted nudity just outside of your room. Make sure you look into the type of couples resorts you’re booking before you make any definite decisions, and help yourself to avoid any sudden surprises.

Book Your Couples Resorts and Flights as a Package suggests that all travelers thinking about a stay at couples resorts book their hotels and their flights at the same time. While it can be tricky to bring a package like this together from scratch, with a little haggling, you can save yourself a pretty penny on your romantic getaway. In fact, you can save as much as $500.

Spread the News About Your Happy Event
Whether you’re on your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or just looking to rekindle your romance, don’t keep it to yourself. The Knot, a website devoted to wedding planning, recommends all lovebirds share their happiness with the hotel staff when making their reservations. Sometimes, the news that you’re celebrating such a happy event is enough to get you a discounted room or a free upgrade to a honeymoon suite. Not all couples resorts are so generous, but many will go through the trouble of providing flowers, chocolates, and champagne to a happy couple.

Sometimes, being able to get away is the best possible thing you can do for your relationship, whether you’re celebrating something new or a lifetime spent together. With these three tips, you can find the best couples resorts anywhere in the world, without having to worry about unexpected nudity, overly expensive rooms, and other common horrors. More can be found here:

Find the Best Hotels in Camden Town for a London Experience Like No Other

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Best hotel

Are you planning a family vacation to London? Are you concerned that maybe there isn’t enough to do with your significant other and your kids? As millions before you have found out, London is a city for everyone, both kids and adults of all interests.

Host to more than 20 million visitors every year, London is the hub-city for any visitor looking to see the United Kingdom. In fact, of all the UK’s annual visitors, 54% stay in London during their trip. Whether you’re coming from inside the United Kingdom to show your family the capital or you’re an international tourist looking to discover Britain with your loved ones, the best hotels in Camden Town, a borough of London, offer the greatest opportunities to take part in the Big Smoke’s family activities.

The Camden Lock Market
The Camden Lock Market is one of the most unique attractions in this London borough and one of the main reasons so many people make their hotel reservations in this section of the city. As writes, fans of books, clothing, art, and more can find something they love in this unique treasure of Camden Town. Christmas shops, Vietnamese food, French cafes, and others adorn the streets, giving Camden one of the most international feels of any place in the city.

Check out the Stables Market
For families who like things off the beaten path, the Stables Market is the best place to be. Alternative fashions, ultra modern art, and a secret maze of catacombs all call the Stables home. Fans of shopping will find a lot to love in the area’s 700 shops that are open seven days a week, according to the Best of Camden.

Visit the ZSL London Zoo
The ZSL London Zoo is one of the city’s most famous attractions, housing more than 750 different species of animals. Located in the Primrose Hill area of London, the zoo is little more than a 10 minute walk from the best hotels in Camden Town. With children under three getting free admission, the zoo makes for one of the most affordable family activities in the city.

If you’re taking your family on a trip to London, then narrow your hotel search to the best hotels in Camden Town. There you can find hotel rooms offering great deals, great location, and access to some of the best family activities around. Continue reading here.