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Choosing the Right Florida Vacation Spot

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Vacation. It’s what every American dreams about–a week or two away from the daily grind of working and for those who stay at home, a chance to get out to a new place with new people, those demands of caring for children lifted slightly.

There are dream vacation destinations–camping in the woods, visiting a new, exciting city, and the beach, where Americans can go for relaxation, sunshine, and a little respite from responsibilities.

For beach-lovers, there are few places in the U.S. that beat out Florida. When you’re in Florida, you’re never more than 60 miles from the nearest beach. Florida has nearly 8,500 miles of tidal shoreline, second only to Alaska, and minus the freezing temperatures. And it’s more than just beaches. Consider these facts:

  • The coral reef in Key West is the third largest in the world.
  • 80% of loggerhead turtles in the United States reside in the beaches of Florida.
  • Sanibel Island, off the coast of Florida, is one of the top 10 beaches in the world for shelling, having more than 400 species of shells.

One amazing area to visit if you’re in search of a peaceful beach is Indian County on the eastern coastline. Indian County is home to many beaches, including its most popular Vero Beach, which was named in USA Today as an “Easy Beach Escape” in 2015. Only 15,000 people reside in the city according to the 2010 Census, and is part of the Treasure Coast, a reference to the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet lost off the coast in the hurricane.

The key with any beach vacation is considering the lodging that a location has to offer. Lodging facilities can range from a waterfront hotel to an ocean resort to a hotel near the beach. Types of hotels can vary with price point and location. Lodging facilities will generally rise in cost as they grow nearer to the beach. But they add the convenience of a short travel distance. Sometimes you can walk to the beach, which feels luxurious.

In the United States, over 650 million long-distance summer trips are made. The five most popular summer vacation activities in the United States are shopping at 54%, visiting historical sites at 49%, swimming and water sports at 49%, going to a park or national park at 46%, and sightseeing tours at 46%.

Vacations are also the activity that makes families most happy, according to a survey. In that survey, 37% of families say vacations made them happy, higher than any other alternative. Florida, with its 1,300 miles of coastlines, 660 miles of beaches, 11,000 miles of inland water streams, occupies an important place in the relaxation and rejuvenation of American families.

Next time you’re considering a vacation in Florida, remember to think about the following:

  • Whether you want a large populated beach or a smaller one
  • How close you want to be to the beach
  • Lodging facilities and whether you want a more decadent experience or a casual one

Choosing a Vacation Rental Property for Your Next Vacation

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Why stay in a hotel when you can create a home-away-from-home with a vacation rental? Whether you’re looking for different types of seasonal rental properties or last minute lodging options, there’s a rental property that can suit your and your family’s needs.

Vacations make families happy, according to a recent survey, where 37% said that they are happiest when on vacation. When these families choose a vacation rental rather than a hotel, the lower rates most likely add to this positive feeling. A survey showed that 62% of the people polled chose to rent a property for this very reason.

There are five major reasons why vacationers choose rentals rather than hotels or resorts:

    Value for price: 94%
    Privacy: 90%
    Full kitchen facilities: 87%
    Amenities: 84%
    More space overall: 81%

Over the past two years, 22% of travelers have spent their vacation time in a home rental rather than a hotel or resort. Other travelers, approximately 24%, stayed in a condominium resort. During the last year, however, one-out-of-four families stayed in a vacation home.

When on vacation, many people bring their work with them. A survey indicated that 61% of people on vacation continue to work. Even though these individuals are on a working vacation, they are still able to engage in pleasurable activities by visiting local attractions.

During the winter, 61% of vacationers travel for pleasure, and two of the favorite wintertime activities in the United States are skiing and snowboarding. During 2015, for example, over 13.5 million people went skiing at least once, and 7.7 million people went snowboarding.

When heading to these winter vacations, 86% of travelers drive their own car, van, or SUV. In this way, they can bring extra clothes and other personal items such as sports gear. If flying, this could be quite expensive, especially with a large family.

Other vacationers are choosing ski in ski out lodging to rent. If this appeals to you, then you can contact a rental agency for ski in ski out lodging tips.

Celebration vacations are also a popular choice for vacation rentals. When celebrating a special occasion, 69% of travelers choose to stay in a rental property. This makes so much more sense than having everyone stay in a hotel.

If you haven’t stayed in a vacation rental before, consider the benefits of doing so for your next vacation. Just imagine how much more relaxed you’ll be in a home rather than in a hotel.

It’s Time to Visit a Vacation Camp Resort

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Camp resorts

Are you one of those families that is always planning camping vacations? If so, you’ve probably stayed at a variety of campgrounds, or perhaps you have a favorite family vacation spot such as a camp resort.

Whether you and your family visit local camping sites or get in the RV to drive across the country, there are so many family campgrounds from which to choose. On average, however, campers have traveled 186.7 miles to arrive at their campgrounds.

Around 70% of families choose to stay in public campgrounds. These are great because they have a variety of camping amenities and activities for the entire family to enjoy. They often have pools, for example, as well as hiking trails and other fun outdoor activities.

Many American families love to go camping together, and have said that this is their favorite type of vacation. In 2011 alone, for example, American families camped for around 534.9 million days.

No matter what season they choose to go camping, whether it’s summer camping trips or early fall camping trips, vacationers choose to sleep in tents, yurts, cabins, or in their RVs. When it’s time for wake up and enjoy the day, 87% of the campers polled said they liked to participate in several outdoor activities.

One of the more popular outdoor activities is hiking and backpacking. To give you an idea of how popular hiking and backpacking is, in the spring of 2008, 29.23 million people had gone backpacking throughout the year. By the spring of 2014, 38.05 million people had gone hiking or backing over the year.

Many campers are motivated to take these trips just because they enjoy being outdoors as well as everything else that’s involved. Furthermore, 13% of the adults polled said that they liked to camp because they were able to spend more time with their families. Given the adults that participated in the camping poll, 12% said that the first time they went camping was with their immediate family.

When was the first time you went camping? The most recent? When are you planning to go again? Most regular campers plan 4.9 trips and approximately two-thirds of campers are planing three or more trips ahead.

Whether you’re planning to explore new family camping vacation spots this year, or have already scheduled a vacation at your favorite camp resort, you will be able to enjoy being with family and engaging in fun activities.

Here’s What Bus Companies are Doing to Better the World for Everyone

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Cardinal bus holland mi

Travel is an important part of life. Not everyone has the chance to do it, or even the desire, but going somewhere new, even if it is just the next town over, can help a person to understand the world on a grander scale. Some people believe that they cannot travel because they do not have their own vehicle, or they do not have the funds to purchase an expensive plane ticket. But the beautiful thing is that there are multiple bus companies in operation all over the country, many with further reach than most airlines have. And while the idea of riding on a bus has not always garnered much appeal or enthusiasm, modern bus companies are striving to change that.

How bus companies are increasing the benefits of bus travel

Whether you are a solo wanderer, setting out with some friends, or part of a tour group, the ease of bus travel makes it a pretty attractive option. And as bus companies have adapted to demands over the years, it is now possible to travel with greater comfort on board a bus than has been the case in the past. Seats have been engineered to be softer and some models offer more leg room and reclining chairs. Not long ago it would have been hard to imagine being able to access wifi on a bus, and yet now it comes as a standard feature in some bus fleets. Some companies even have luxury buses meant for company transportation. Who knew that mobile conference rooms would be possible? Today they are not only possible but can be the most convenient and affordable option as well.

Why bus travel is good in the grand scheme of things

Not only is bus travel a good option when it comes to affordability, but there are many other positive aspects of choosing to ride in a bus as well.

    Bigger picture benefits of bus travel

  • Economy
    Bus travel helps to stimulate the economy in a few different ways. First of all, taking into consideration every aspect of the motor coach industry, from the sale of the vehicles themselves and other necessary equipment to the demand for the goods and services by those seeking to travel, hundreds of thousands of jobs are created. In fact the industry has generated employment for over 790,000 individuals.

    The motor coach industry alone is comprised of almost 3,400 businesses, most of them identifying as small business. With a total fleet of 33,400 across the industry, the services provided range from sightseeing tours and charters to airport shuttles as well as scheduled and commuter rides.
  • Environment

    One of the best things about motor coach travel is the impact it has on the environment. As we have continued to develop technologically as a society, the negative effects that the earth has suffered have been tremendous. Personal convenience has long overruled care for the earth, but if we are going to attempt to sustain our species on this planet much longer, that needs to change. Traveling by motor coach is one step in the right direction. Each coach is three times more efficient in reducing harmful emissions in comparison with commuter rail, as well as six times more efficient than transit buses.

You don’t have to have a deep urge to see all the corners of the earth to hop on a bus and get a change of scenery. And if you do have the wanderlust of an adventurer, you don’t have to have deep pockets to set out for an amazing experience. There are so many reasons to give bus travel a try. On top of the fun, new experience, you will also be contributing to positive impacts on the environment and the economy.