Choosing a Vacation Rental Property for Your Next Vacation



Why stay in a hotel when you can create a home-away-from-home with a vacation rental? Whether you’re looking for different types of seasonal rental properties or last minute lodging options, there’s a rental property that can suit your and your family’s needs.

Vacations make families happy, according to a recent survey, where 37% said that they are happiest when on vacation. When these families choose a vacation rental rather than a hotel, the lower rates most likely add to this positive feeling. A survey showed that 62% of the people polled chose to rent a property for this very reason.

There are five major reasons why vacationers choose rentals rather than hotels or resorts:

    Value for price: 94%
    Privacy: 90%
    Full kitchen facilities: 87%
    Amenities: 84%
    More space overall: 81%

Over the past two years, 22% of travelers have spent their vacation time in a home rental rather than a hotel or resort. Other travelers, approximately 24%, stayed in a condominium resort. During the last year, however, one-out-of-four families stayed in a vacation home.

When on vacation, many people bring their work with them. A survey indicated that 61% of people on vacation continue to work. Even though these individuals are on a working vacation, they are still able to engage in pleasurable activities by visiting local attractions.

During the winter, 61% of vacationers travel for pleasure, and two of the favorite wintertime activities in the United States are skiing and snowboarding. During 2015, for example, over 13.5 million people went skiing at least once, and 7.7 million people went snowboarding.

When heading to these winter vacations, 86% of travelers drive their own car, van, or SUV. In this way, they can bring extra clothes and other personal items such as sports gear. If flying, this could be quite expensive, especially with a large family.

Other vacationers are choosing ski in ski out lodging to rent. If this appeals to you, then you can contact a rental agency for ski in ski out lodging tips.

Celebration vacations are also a popular choice for vacation rentals. When celebrating a special occasion, 69% of travelers choose to stay in a rental property. This makes so much more sense than having everyone stay in a hotel.

If you haven’t stayed in a vacation rental before, consider the benefits of doing so for your next vacation. Just imagine how much more relaxed you’ll be in a home rather than in a hotel.