It’s Time to Visit a Vacation Camp Resort


Camp resorts

Are you one of those families that is always planning camping vacations? If so, you’ve probably stayed at a variety of campgrounds, or perhaps you have a favorite family vacation spot such as a camp resort.

Whether you and your family visit local camping sites or get in the RV to drive across the country, there are so many family campgrounds from which to choose. On average, however, campers have traveled 186.7 miles to arrive at their campgrounds.

Around 70% of families choose to stay in public campgrounds. These are great because they have a variety of camping amenities and activities for the entire family to enjoy. They often have pools, for example, as well as hiking trails and other fun outdoor activities.

Many American families love to go camping together, and have said that this is their favorite type of vacation. In 2011 alone, for example, American families camped for around 534.9 million days.

No matter what season they choose to go camping, whether it’s summer camping trips or early fall camping trips, vacationers choose to sleep in tents, yurts, cabins, or in their RVs. When it’s time for wake up and enjoy the day, 87% of the campers polled said they liked to participate in several outdoor activities.

One of the more popular outdoor activities is hiking and backpacking. To give you an idea of how popular hiking and backpacking is, in the spring of 2008, 29.23 million people had gone backpacking throughout the year. By the spring of 2014, 38.05 million people had gone hiking or backing over the year.

Many campers are motivated to take these trips just because they enjoy being outdoors as well as everything else that’s involved. Furthermore, 13% of the adults polled said that they liked to camp because they were able to spend more time with their families. Given the adults that participated in the camping poll, 12% said that the first time they went camping was with their immediate family.

When was the first time you went camping? The most recent? When are you planning to go again? Most regular campers plan 4.9 trips and approximately two-thirds of campers are planing three or more trips ahead.

Whether you’re planning to explore new family camping vacation spots this year, or have already scheduled a vacation at your favorite camp resort, you will be able to enjoy being with family and engaging in fun activities.