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Discover New and Exciting Destinations Through Online Travel Guides

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If you are considering taking a family vacation, you might want to keep in mind that American families spend an average of 1100 dollars per person to get away from it all. While there certainly are closer to home vacations that cost considerably less than that, there are also international getaways that cost far more.

The point is, no matter how you look at it, any vacation is expensive. For most American families, spending even 500 bucks on a modest weekend getaway is nothing to take lightly. After all, that is more than enough to make an auto payment, and maybe a utility or two. Unfortunately, the United States is the only wealthy nation in the world that does not guarantee full time employees paid vacation time.

Among the 21 wealthiest countries in the world, the United States ranks dead last in the average number of paid vacation days and holidays. Sure, there are a lot of American workers who receive plenty of paid vacation time, but there are so many more that receive none that the average number in the United States is less than one day per year! In France and the U.K. their workers receive an average of 30 and 28 vacation days, respectively; and tied for third place are Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, with 25 days a piece. Even the stereotypically hardworking Japanese, who come in next to last to the U.S., average 10 paid vacation days annually.

Depending on your perspective, you might take pride in these stats or just find them plain sad. Regardless, this is the reality of American culture and we have no choice but to accept it. Unfortunately, most 99 percenters are working stiffs who do not have the luxury to camp out for weeks on end to picket futilely those lucky one percenters. However, we do have the option of saving money by consulting video travel guides and budget travel videos online.

Although you may not be one of those fortunate Americans who receives two or three weeks of paid vacation a year you can still afford to get away. If you plan wisely and are savvy enough to find the best deals via travel videos online, even the most exotic foreign destinations can be within reach. While we may have to put in a little extra effort, as Americans, we are already used to that, are we not?

The True Purpose of Travel Videos

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There seems to be some confusion these days about the purpose of online travel videos. Some people are disappointed by their content, while some die hard travelers avoid them like the plague. These misconceptions can be easily avoided by realizing the true goal of travel videos and using them responsibly, like a precision screwdriver, or the Constitution.

Travel videos are NOT… going to spoil the trip for you. These videos show you highlights of a location, of course, but one video could not possibly show you everything there is to see and do in one country, or even in one city. Think of how many things there are to do in your own city, and how many of those things you have actually done, then imagine how many more things there are to discover in someplace you have never been. Do it. Imagine it now. See? Quite a few things, eh?

Travel videos ARE… helpful in generating ideas of what to do. As stated above, you are only given a taste of the experience in a travel video. The only way to fully experience the locale in question is to visit there, and video travel guides hope to entice you to do exactly that.

Travel videos are NOT… vacations in and of themselves. They are videos. Videos are different from vacations. Anyone who claims that you can “see the world without leaving your couch” is not only doing you a disservice, but the travel video industry as well. If all you want to do is see exotic locations without having to go there, then you will probably be bored if there is nothing going on, so you will want to see people doing things. But if they only do boring tourist things, you will probably hope they do something exciting. And we just call those “movies”.

Travel videos ARE… invaluable tools to plan the perfect vacation. Whether to learn more about possible destinations or to weigh the pros and cons of one destination over another, a well made travel video will make the best case for both locations so you and your family can make your decision. And the best part? If one place is not all you hoped it would be, you can try the other place at a later date.

Oh, and for all you students out there, travel videos are NOT… good sources of information for geography reports. Your teachers will see right through that ploy if, instead of population and GDP, your paper recommends the best hotels and restaurants. Nice try, though.