How Camping Every Year Can Bring Your Family Together Like Never Before


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What do people like to do on family camping trips? It definitely doesn’t hurt to start with asking how you can make yours a success, as camping under the open stars and hiking are some of the most beloved activities enjoyed by Americans of all shapes and sizes. When you’re unsure how to go about planning your unique weekend, just take a gander at what everyone else has been doing for years. You’ll find there are plenty of enjoyable places to start, from choosing a camp resort to selecting a few invigorating hobbies to really sink your teeth into. Even if you’re a newcomer to the world of camping or a homebody that prefers to read or watch movies, take a glance below to learn how this summer can offer something new for you.

How Many People Camp In America?

Some people camp once in a while. Some families camp every single year without fail. Wherever you land on the spectrum, you’re sure to find plenty of like-minded folk to join you on your quest to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Data provided by the 2014 American Camper Report saw 40 million Americans (or 14%) of the country’s population over the age of six camping just the previous year. That’s a lot of people! But why does everyone like to camp so much?

What Attracts People To The Great Outdoors?

What’s appealing about the great outdoors? It’s a smaller list to ask what isn’t! The United States is home to some of the most brilliant mountain ranges, forests and lakes around the world. People from all over come to the country to soak in its legendary landscapes and view its monuments, creating memories that truly stand the test of time. The simple act of camping has been found to be the number one motivation for taking a trip, with 45% of adults in a recent survey saying they camped because they just love it!

What Other Aspects Of Camping Do People Enjoy?

Camping is fun. It’s great exercise. It offers many people, particularly those who work inside, a means of getting sweaty and dirty under the open sky. Most of all? People camp to spend time with family and friends. Over 12% of adult participants originally started camping with their immediate family, while even more said they prefer to take friends along with them for the ride. Family camping trips are a great way to get fit, let loose and, most of all, catch up with loved ones.

What Campground Amenities Should I Look Out For?

Family camping trips are endlessly more comfortable with additional camping amenities. These can include washrooms for your convenience, a safe campfire to warm your hands and marked trails for safety. Camping participants, whether they stayed in a tent or an RV, have been found to spend a collective two weeks camping every year. Do you want to stay for the weekend? How about a full week? This will help you decide what you need when planning your trip.

Any Other Tips To Help Me Plan The Ultimate Camping Trip?

The vast majority of campers in a recent survey said they’re planning an average of four trips per year. When you think about it…why not? Camping is a brilliant recreational activity that brings people together and encourages a more harmonious relationship with the environment Over 90% of camping participants in an additional study said they were either ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to go camping the next year. Add a new routine to your family dynamic and consider adding family campgrounds to your list of must-haves every summer. Your friends, mental health and wallet will thank you!