Three Destinations for a Local Horse Carriage Ride


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Charleston is a city that attracts many visitors every single year. You might be unaware of a great way to get around this beautiful city. Horse drawn carriage rides allow you and your guests to obtain great views of Charleston. Many tourists prefer horse drawn carriage rides to have a relaxing ride through a new city. In this post, you will learn about three great destinations for a Charleston horse carriage ride.

  • Riley Waterfront Park

    Many people love taking horse carriage tours to this wonderful park. Riley Waterfront Park is filled with beautiful green space with amazing coastline views. You will love spending a day outdoors at this beautiful park. Horse carriage rides available near this park will ensure guests are only minutes away from a sprawling downtown area. One study finds that 37% of families report that vacations make all of them happy which makes it the most preferred activity for happiness.
  • White Point Gardens

    This location features museums and historical sites relating to the Civil War. Those who aren’t interested in wartime history will enjoy the beautiful views. White Point Gardens is a large park that is made up of nearly six acres of beautiful scenery.
  • Middleton Place

    A great destination for horse drawn carriage rides is Middleton Place. This location features architecture and design that comes from the 17th century. You will feel like you have stepped back in time while walking through these amazing gardens. One study shows that 42% of tourists feel more romantic while they are on vacation. Middleton Place is a great romantic destination that horse drawn carriage rides commonly visit.

In closing, Charleston is a beautiful city that is filled with many sights to see. Horse drawn carriage rides are amazing methods of transportation for visitors. These rides offer guests an unrivaled look at the beautiful city of Charleston. This city is filled with many wonderful sights to see. You will want to ensure you get a chance to spend time at Riley Waterfront Park. White Point Gardens features a historical look at significant events in the history of Charleston. Middleton Place is a destination perfect for horse drawn carriage rides. Charleston is an amazing and vibrant city that you and your guests are sure to love.