Renting A Beach Condo The Main Advantages


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Sometimes in life, you just need a break from the typical routine. You need to get away from the stress of work, the humdrum boringness of your hometown — and all the familiar things that come with it. The best way this can be accomplished through a summer vacation. Each year, 45% of American families take summer vacations. But why is it that we take time to travel and relax during the summer in particular? For one thing, school lets out during the summer — which means that not only will the kids be free, but any adults who work at schools as well. Furthermore, this makes employers more likely to understand a parent taking off time to vacation during the summer. It just works out much more smoothly for all involved. Still, going on summer vacation doesn’t necessarily mean taking it easy until you’re actually there. A vacation requires a lot of time and planning. You need to decide where you’re going on vacation, how to get there — and above all perhaps, where you’ll be staying. Lodging can make or break a vacation, which is why many going on summer vacation choose to rent beach condos.

Beach Condo Rentals: Getting The Bang For Your Buck

So, why is it that so many vacationers decide to rent beach condos rather than staying in hotels for their vacations? It’s true that hotels were once staples for regular vacationers. However, in many ways these have become things of the past, especially for those who want to vacation beside the beach. Not only are hotels cramped and easily mussed, with a lack of privacy — they also don’t offer very good values. Hotel rooms are typically rented out nightly. Those who rent beach condos, on the other hand, usually rent them for at least a week at a time. Some even rent them out for a whole season. This means that the rates are more affordable than those of the typical hotel. Not only that — as you’ll see below, those that rent beach condos have access to perks that simply are not found in hotels. The overall value ends up being much better, especially for families. Many families find that their vacations are ruined simply because there isn’t enough space for everyone to be comfortable. Vacation rentals like condos offer plenty of space at prices that can’t be ignored.

What Are The Advantages Of Renting A Beach Condo?

We talk about the benefits you get when you rent a beach condo, but it’s hard to grasp those benefits until you’ve actually done it. The fact is that with three out of four domestic trips being taken for leisure purposes, people deserve to enjoy their time off to the fullest — and oceanfront condos let them do that. An estimated 94% of leisure travelers choose beach condos over alternatives due to price; 90% due to privacy; 87% due to the full kitchen facilities available; 84% due to amenities; and 81% simply due to the added space. These kinds of things mean a lot to vacationers, and certainly they are the main advantages of renting a beach condo. But there are other factors to consider as well.

Beach Condos: The Little Perks

If you’re vacationing near the beach, chances are that you’re near some kind of seaside town. The great thing about being in a condo is that you often are able to more easily split your time between doing fun things in town — like trying new restaurants and buying souvenirs — and relaxing on the beach. Hotels, on the other hand, are often more isolated. By renting a condo, you can really enjoy your vacation to the fullest, and make sure that you have some money left over to spend on activities and treats.

You and your family don’t want to worry about overspending or piling into an uncomfortable hotel room. So take the leap! Check out what beach condos are all about.