Does Your Group or Team Travel by Charter Bus Very Often?


Local bus services offer a number of options to individuals, schools, churches, and athletic teams. Whether you are looking for a way to affordable and safely transport your Red Hat Club members to and from a local historical exhibit or you are searching for a way to help your high school daughter’s band to and from a competition three states away, there is a good chance that charter buses are the answer. Providing lots of leg and luggage room, traveling by bus is a great option.

In addition to the comfort of traveling by charter buses, there are a number of times when a charter bus is also the most affordable and the most energy efficient. When you find yourself ON THE ROAD AGAIN it is always important to consider all of the options that are available to you:

  • One motorcoach spending a single night at a destination generates as much as $11,660 for that local economy in meals, lodging, and other types of spending.
  • Nearly 50.2% of the passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry in 2012 were for students and seniors.
  • There are five times as many motorcoach terminals nationwide as there are airports, and six times as many bus terminals as there are intercity rail terminals.
  • Horse drawn buses were in use as early as the 1820s, but there have obviously been a number of advancements since then.
  • Each full motorcoach has the potential of removing as many as 55 vehicles from the highway, reducing congestion and emissions, in addition to cutting energy use.
  • Research indicates that and young adults and adults accounted for 49.9% of the passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry in the year 2012.
  • One single year alone indicates that motorcoaches account for 751,000,000 passenger trips.
  • As many as 14 million rural U.S. residents rely on motorcoaches as the only available mode of public intercity transportation service, going where airplanes and trains do not.
  • Driving professionals who are employed to run charter buses provide groups with a safe and reliable way to get to their destination.
  • Accounting for 55% of the majority of long-distance bus trips, females use this transportation option more than men. In comparison, 45% percent of trips are taken by men.
  • Gasoline outputs can be a detriment to the environment. Fortunately, motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile when compared to other forms of transportation.
  • Airport shuttles, charter, tour, sightseeing, and commuter scheduled services are provided by the total industry fleet of 33,400 vehicles.
  • In another indicator of how often they are used, motorcoaches account for 751 million passenger trips every year and move more people in some years than commercial airlines do
  • Nothing is more important than arriving at your destination safe and sound. For this reason there are many people who rely on charter buses.

Road trips can be a joy or a joke. When you make the right transportation choice you can know that you have found the best price, the most comfort, and the top efficiency ratings.