Essential Tips for First Time Snorkeling


Anytime you go snorkeling for the first time, ask yourself whether your snorkeling experience will be an event you will wish to remember for the rest of your life or one that would be boring or even dangerous. The truth of the matter is that poor first time experience are very common since there is a lot of misleading information by snorkels tour firms that give the wrong impression about the experience. You will be led to believe that by just putting on a gear and jumping into the water, you will have an experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. While snorkeling tours can offer very memorable experiences, you need to have the right gear, some basic training as well as some understanding about sea conditions. Many people assume that sea adventures are automatically safe but without the essentials needed for such tours, they end up being scary and sometimes potentially dangerous. Below are some tips on how to get the best out of your snorkeling tour.

Don’t Rent the Cheapest Equipment
It is very important that despite any financial strain that some equipment might put you through, choose equipment that can guarantee your safety including boat rentals. For example, you should know what to look for in a mask. A mask that fits can protect you better as it prevents fogging. It is also recommended that you consider renting dry snorkels or at least snorkels with a splash guard. Dry snorkels have valves at the top that automatically seal once you are underwater. They also have another valve at the bottom that allows you to blow water out through the tube. Fins too are important safety equipment that you must have. Make sure that the fins are not too loose neither too tight but just the right fit.

Practice with your Gear
Before you hit the beach, make sure that you get used to your gear first. This will give you adequate time to get comfortable with the gear and address any issues that may arise if any. Basic practices include putting your mask. Make sure that the mask does not suction to the face. Instead of heading straight into the water, try a practice run on a shallow spot such as a swimming pool or a shallow beach. This training tip is meant to make you become comfortable breathing via a snorkel. It might take some time for your body to fully adjust especially if you are trying snorkeling for the first time. You can as well practice blowing water out of the valve so that you get used to purging your snorkel early enough.

Learn Basic Snorkeling Skills
Just a little knowledge on what you are supposed to do under different circumstances while snorkeling is a major advantage. For example, we all know that swimming can take a significant amount of your energy. This means that while snorkeling; stay relaxed so that you are able to use minimum effort. Exhaustion is very common for beginners on snorkeling vacation. It is recommended that you only swim at a speed that allows you to breathe comfortably. In terms of weather conditions, you should at least have some basic understanding of ocean conditions as this can make your experience way much easier and enjoyable.