things to do to prepare for vacation

6 Ways to Prepare for a Summer Vacation


Summertime is one of those few times nature smiles on you. After being holed up in your office all year long, you need some summer heat to thaw your wintry blues. Unfortunately, some people don’t take this summer vacation, and when they do, they don’t know how to prepare and plan for it. Since you have decided to take the summer vacation, we’ll show you exactly how to prepare and plan for these exciting and joyous times. Here are some things to do to prepare for vacation. Stick to the end.

Before You Leave

Preparing your workplace before leaving will ensure you have a smooth sailing vacation without interruptions to inquire where you placed this or that. Here’s how to do it.

Set the records straight

Your absence doesn’t mean that things should ground to a complete halt at your workplace. If your job involves other people, or you are part of a team, one of the things to do to prepare for vacation is being considerate. Tie the loose ends before leaving by ensuring they have whatever they’ll need in your absence.

A good idea is to communicate with them weeks before your scheduled trip date. Enquire what they will need to facilitate any pending projects and complete any tasks.

Tying the loose ends means that you should do everything in your power to absolve yourself of any blame while enjoying your summer vacation.

Tell Everyone

As silly as this sounds, it is advisable to notify your bosses, coworkers, and clients that you will be taking some time off during summer. This will help them make the necessary adjustments, especially if you’ll be inaccessible.

A good idea is to generate an email with information on how long you’ll be away, when you’ll be back and who to consult in case of any emergency. Next, send this email to anyone concerned. You can also set it as an auto-reply on all communication devices you use and mark yourself absent.

Self Preparation

Now this one is for workaholics. You may be probably one of those fellows who find it hard to disconnect yourself from work for whatever reasons. If you’re one, make whatever preparations you need to be comfortable away from work.

Do anything in your power to make sure people will not need you by staying ahead of the game. Consult your colleagues for a second time to make sure you haven’t left any stone unturned. Close any projects that are not urgent or essential.

Secure your home before you leave by getting residential fences installations, security cams, and alarm systems.

Refresh Your Beauty Routine

There are three beauty-related things to do to prepare for vacation.

Unpack your summer clothing

Probably your summer wear is still lying where you placed it after the last vacation, or you got something new this time around. Whatever the case, ensure you pay some attention to this essential clothing. Bring out the new summer wear and try it out to see whether it fits. Also, try out the old ones since you may have outgrown them. Wash any musty-smelling piece before repacking the clothes.

Get a new swimsuit

Buying a close-fitting bright-colored swimsuit made up of soft fabric is one way of uplifting your summer spirit. It doesn’t even have to be trendy as long as it represents your personality. You may want to get two pieces if you’re really into swimming. Get something that will fit you comfortably and boost your confidence levels in public.

Show your skin some love

You will not only get vitamin D after being exposed to the sun for too long but lots of sunburns too. Get a bottle of sunscreen. Consult your dermatologist before you go out shopping for one. A sunscreen that offers SPF 30 protection is good enough though you may need a stronger one made of zinc. Get an oil-free sunscreen if you got sensitive skin prone to acne.

You can avoid applying makeup regularly to unclog your pores. Flaking makeup can block those tiny holes, and you need them open to sweat freely and cool your body.

If you must put on makeup, go for something waterproof. These will dig deeper in your pocket and are often harder to take off. However, they will protect your eyebrow tinting or liquid liner from running down your chicks once they come in contact with pool water.

This is also the right time to go for that aesthetic treatment you’ve always coveted so much. Get some injectable fillers to prevent that skin from showing under your swimsuit or saggy and wrinkled.

Aim for Self-Improvement

Summer is not all about playing and lazing around in the sun. You can make use of the time to do some fun but important activities you’ve always wanted to do but lacked the time. Here are a few self-improvement things to do to prepare for vacation.

Make a Reading List

Make a personal summer reading list. Reading these books is one of the great ways to unwind as you soak up some sun and relax on the beach. Reading is a simple activity, and you can carry the books with you anywhere from the beach, park, to even the coffee shop. Write down some book titles you have in mind or have been lying on your wish list for a while due to time constraints.

Next, search for the books online or visit a local bookstore to purchase some. You can borrow some top literature choices for free from your local library if you don’t have cash.

Enroll in Summer Courses

You can make your summertime valuable by taking some fun, but informative short courses offered in the summer. Don’t be surprised, learning made it into this list of things to do to prepare for vacation. One of the ways to prepare for your summer holidays is by searching for free or premium courses. Some of these courses are strictly educational and may help you catch up on that religion class you missed or put you ahead of the rest in mathematics. Ask an authority figure at your school for guidance with these online courses.

Physical Fitness

Summer is just the right time to up your physical activity and improves your health. Remember you are going to be involved in some sort of summer sports. While some may be easy, like swimming, others are pretty extreme, for example, mountaineering or hiking. You have to be physically fit to both enjoy these games and also prevent potential injuries. Prepare beforehand by enrolling for gym classes, jogging, yoga, or some light sports like volleyball. Getting a physical trainer would be much helpful too.

Planning for Summertime Activities

Planning for summer events is one of the things to do to prepare for vacation. You don’t want to be holed up in the house with nothing interesting to do all summer.

Begin by looking for concerts, movies, or other events way ahead of time

There are lots of festivals and blockbusters that thrive in this season, some of which are easy and cheap even if you carry friends and family along. You can attend a music concert or watch a fireworks display. Planning for summertime activities is one of the things to do to prepare for vacation.

You can find a calendar of events in your local daily or from the local community center. There are also countless websites premiering movies this summer that you can pre-order at discounted tickets.

Don’t forget to plan for some lazy time for yourself

You’ve worked the whole year. It doesn’t make sense to overload your summer with those ‘constructive learning activities.’ You really deserve to be lazy! Yeah, you heard that right. Plan for some lazy days in your summer schedule as you prepare in advance. This time can be crafted around the home playing video games or binge-watching TV. Getting your television checked for any repairs as well as your game consul are some things to do to prepare for vacation. Pay for your electricity bills in advance and also get something to put in your fridge. Remember, you will be too lazy to even get out of the house!

You don’t have to spend the lazy days all by yourself. You can spend the time catching up and making memories with friends and relatives. Ensure that you communicate early. Probably, they will also be on vacation. Tell them you will want some family time so that they can also prepare matters on their end. They can also suggest nostalgic places you have been before or some other activities you would love.

Preparing for Summer Travel

Who can be against warming up some wintry blues on your dream destination? Not us! But transport can get in the way, so plan early to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Check flights weekly

Don’t be hasty to reserve those flights just yet. Not that fast! Frequently checking flights is another of the things to do to prepare for vacation. You still have some time before your scheduled summer trip, and you should allow for flexibility. Look out what those flights will be charging on your preferred day of flight several times a week. Compare the prices of different airlines on the same dates to see whether you can save some bucks while still being flexible. Toy with all available options and settle for the one that gives you value for money.

Select that seat

Now is the time to pick up a suitable seat based on your preferences. Think about what will attract your eyes on the way. Probably you want to get that view of the snowy mountain ranges in the summer heat, water splashing on the beach, or you prefer comfort, which is why you better secure that seat close to the washrooms. Whatever the reason, book those seats in advance or get yourself sandwiched between a narcissistic chatterbox and a snorer.

Prepare for Public Transit

Flying is overrated. Have you ever thought about navigating your destination on local public transport? Just imagine the fun using public transit would bring as you sit among the locals in that bus or train! Regional transit allows you to savor the new surroundings, get up close-up views and enjoy the local culture without being distracted by driving. Take note of local locksmith companies. You will need an extra camper key to incase the original gets lost in the wild.

Look for lodging options

Scouting for holiday accommodations is another one of the important things to do to prepare for vacation. You are spoilt for choice between hostels, container accommodation, resorts, vacation rentals, and hotels. Hop on popular review sites, jot down your preferred accommodation options and book cheap accommodation first. Ensure the location is close enough to the destination to avoid spending much of your holiday stuck in traffic jams. Plan now since you have the time!

Make a Packing List

The last of things to do to prepare for vacation is crafting a packing list. Whether you will be visiting a different continent or city, you should know what to bring along to make your time easy. Remember, commodity prices are relatively high during this period, and forgetting to pack something can ruin this rather joyous time. Ensure to visit your local convenience store for childcare products or a nearby gun shop for hunting guns.

If you don’t want to pay crazy prices for commodities on foreign soil, stick to the end.


Electronic gadgets are indispensable in this fast-paced digital world. We have our entire lives saved on tablets, mobile phones, and laptops, so you know how distressing misplacing your chargers can be. Chargers should be the first things that go into the luggage. Just imagine whipping off your phone camera to capture some nice shots only to be met with the irritating battery low notifications. Although you can get your favorite charger imitations in some countries, they can do more harm than good to your battery life.

Medicals Prescription, Insurance, and First Aid Kit

Whether cuts or bruises, some form of injury during summer activities is inevitable. Keep in mind that you’re in a foreign environment, and you’re exposed to lots of new things and irritants. Whether you suffer from a mild case of asthma, insomnia, or arthritis, packing your medical prescription is highly recommended. You will need medicine for knee pain if you go hiking.

Medical insurance will help you avoid hefty medical bills if you, unfortunately, get sick or injured in a foreign country.

If you are into cosmetic dentistry, don’t forget to pack those braces or veneer care products.

Other things you can bring along include:

  • Sunglasses and sunhats
  • Reliable Backpack
  • Filter water bottle
  • Toiletries such as extra tissues and toothbrush
  • Hammock
  • Flip flops
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lingerie


We are glad that you have read this far. Above are things to do to prepare for vacation. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and prepare for this summer!