Does Your Family Need a Vacation to Help You Reconnect and Relax?


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You need a break. After a hectic school year, busy schedules at work, and weekends jam packed with practices and competitions, you are simply looking for an opportunity to get away as a family. In the past you have spent huge amounts of money staying at expensive hotels and shopping for hours at malls and boutiques, but this year you are looking for something different. When you were cleaning out the garage the other day, you came across the sleeping bags from when your kids liked to sleep in the backyard. They sometime slept on the trampoline, they sometimes put up a tent, and sometimes they just bundled up in their sleeping backs and slept on the deck. Oh, to have those days back!
Families who are looking for a way to slow down and spend time together are going back to simpler times. Instead of paying top dollar for expensive and lavish hotels, some families are planning camping vacations.
Family Camping Trips Can Take Place in a Variety of Settings
If you fear that announcing a family camping trip will send your teenage daughters into a state of panic, you might want to consider a camp resort that offers cabin rentals. For family who does not want to invest in hundreds of dollars of camping equipment, the cabin camping option is a good alternative. Stocked with kitchen supplies and hotel like furniture, these locations allow families to feel at home in a setting that is often surrounded by beautiful sites and a variety of activities. With on site parking, family camping trips with a cabin rental can actually feel like a home away from home.
Family members can decide to spend evenings out by the campfire or inside playing board games. For many families the chance to take a family vacation can turn into an exhausting schedule of running from attraction to attraction and long waits at expensive restaurants. Family camping trips, on the other hand, can follow a pace that you select. An early morning hike to enjoy the sunrise or an evening meal outside to enjoy the sunset are appealing options over a crowded restaurant.
For families who really want a chance to get back to nature, family camping trips are also a perfect answer. Located in places throughout the country, affordable public campgrounds are popular. Most camping, in fact as much as 70%, takes place in public campgrounds. Some families find some locations so appealing that they actually turn a one time trip into a family tradition that lasts for years.
Tent camping spaces come with a variety of amenities. Some locations are simple level spots where campers put up their tents on the bare ground. Other locations come with raised tent platforms or cement pads. With fire circles close by, some of these locations can be nestled into secluded areas that really give families a break from their hectic lives back home.
Family Camping Trips Provide an Opportunity to Enjoy Nature
One major advantage of family camping trips is that they can take place both close and far from home. Although campers travelled an average distance of 186.7 miles for their camping trips, other options are also available. Some families, in fact, only travel a few miles from home for their initial camping trips. As families become more and more familiar with the camping experience, they often take their adventures even further from home.
Another main advantage to the camping experience can be the cost. Families can select camping sites in a variety of price ranges. If, for instance, your family wants to have a low budget experience, many campgrounds will fit the bill. Without the expense of parking fees and other hotel and motel fees, the camping experience is often more clear cut. One price for a simple tent pad, another price for a cabin.
In a time when many families find themselves struggling to even have one or two meals together in a week, the allure of camping is growing. Finding a time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other is often the goal of many family trips. Getting away from the stress of work deadlines and the complicated schedule of practices and competitions, family camping is an affordable and convenient option.