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Travel 101: Buy a Timeshare or Rent a Condo?


Owning a timeshare allows owners to exchange their weeks for other accommodations and destinations and additional nights. With more resorts available worldwide, exchanging is straightforward and gives owners lots of options at their fingertips. The resort timeshare resales will likely increase in value over time, just like real estate prices generally do. This could help you pay off debt faster, build savings more quickly or make home improvements faster! And it might even be possible to borrow against your ownership as an investment strategy.

The initial cost might be offset by the savings you make on exchange travel, either domestically or internationally. And even if it is not, you will still have paid for an enjoyable lifestyle forever!

You can turn over your timeshare to brand new owners through the resort timeshare resales procedure: to people who would like to enjoy it as much as you do (or maybe more)! This may be better than losing all of that money that was invested into the timeshare.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to spend your holidays, it is best to invest in a timeshare because owning one is more convenient and practical than renting a condo. Below are some reasons why you should consider resort time share resales over renting a condo:

Save Money on Travelling

One of the main benefits of owning a timeshare instead of renting one is saving on travel expenses. Instead of spending thousands on plane tickets and hotel rooms every time you want to take a break from work and stress at home, having your timeshare means you only need to pay maintenance fees and taxes yearly (and even these may be waived if you purchase early enough).

This way, at least once or twice per year, you will enjoy holidaying in your ideal place away from home without spending too much. By opting to buy a timeshare during a hotel key advertisement on resort time share resales, you end up saving money on food by having your kitchen.

One of the most common complaints about renting condos is that they are not complete homes with fully-fitted kitchens. If you do not want to spend too much on food or specific dietary requirements, it is best to buy a timeshare instead. This way, you can cook your favorite meal even when you are on vacation!

Own a Home of Your Own

Just like buying a house, owning or even holding on to a timeshare is an investment that will pay off in the future. This is because you will appreciate its value as time goes on and, as people always need a place to stay during vacations, resort time share resales are becoming a common trend. There are also times when getting a good deal for a pre-owned unit may allow you to recoup some money from your initial investment if you decide to sell it someday.

Timeshares allow you to use a vacation property as much as you want, for as long as you want, and with whomever you want. However, if the resort is popular enough, even one week may be worth the purchase price. The maintenance fees that may include services from plumbers, a garage doors company or even a roofing company at timeshare resorts are included in your initial purchase price, so there are no renewals or additional costs every year to enjoy the unit.

That is far better than renting, where those annual costs can be hundreds of dollars per month! Buying a timeshare means never having to worry about finding quality accommodations that will meet all of your guests’ needs: whether they are traveling with children or grandparents or anyone else, your timeshare will be able to accommodate them.

Enjoy Prime Locations Without the Expenses of Owning Real Estate

Investing in resort time share resales is not always an easy task. Condos can be very expensive investments, but renting one does not guarantee access to prime locations either. There are only specific buildings where owners choose their guests carefully for reasons such as the age group they want to attract, the kind of party they want to avoid, and the like.

With a timeshare unit, you can enjoy prime locations for free (or at very low costs depending on your package) because they are included in the maintenance fees you pay every year, no more or less than everyone else is paying! Such areas may include additional features such as storm shelters and explosion-proof seal. You can also easily access a store selling jewelry and other important items you may need to look good on when you are on vacation.

Typically, when you purchase a resort hotel for a week through a resort time share resales company, you will have access to all of their resorts worldwide through your membership benefits. This means one membership allows you to visit resorts in varying countries during different periods throughout the year without paying separate fees for each trip taken during that year. If travel is your passion, this type of membership can make planning your vacations easier and less expensive.

Have Access to Everything You Need During Vacations

With condos, there are limited facilities that guests can use, which means you cannot do everything that you need to do, especially during extended stays. For example, if there is no karaoke room, your family will not be able to sing their favorite songs together; perhaps there is only one sauna facility, so all residents have to share it.

It is best to consider top-notch resort time share resales so as to buy a timeshare that will allow you to have access to everything your family needs during the holidays, such as a karaoke room, aesthetic services, a pool with a slide for the kids and another one with a swim-up bar for adults, and a garage with garage doors.

By considering resort time share resales over renting condos, you can make the most of the facilities in your unit. When renting condos, guests often cannot enjoy all of their amenities because they are not part of their package or because some may be closed for maintenance or staffing issues. With timeshares, however, you can make the most out of every single thing at your disposal, especially if you choose one that has excellent reviews among previous buyers. There is no need to worry about rental fees!

You also have access to elite events and facilities after buying a timeshare. Another benefit of having a timeshare unit is that you can attend all kinds of functions for free. This is because resorts might invite owners who stay in the best accommodations within their facility for these prestigious occasions, for example, renewing vows on Valentine’s Day at the beach, among other things, such as getting married in some private villas. If you buy your timeshare, then you can use it for this special occasion too!

Renting condos also means going through the hassle of meeting new people to ask them if it is okay for you to use the pool, gym, or any other facility such as the restaurant. With resort time share resales, you do not need to go through these hassles because there is already a tight-knit community built around it, which means you can make friends effortlessly and be part of this exclusive club too!

You are guaranteed priority treatment in accessing facilities. One of the most common mistakes that owners make is that they forget they are part of an elite community when they rent their units because employees treat them like regular guests. The truth is, with a timeshare, you will get all kinds of perks, including free upgrades and priority access to everything available (such as beachside cabanas), which means no waiting in line to enjoy stylish amenities!

Flexible Purchasing Options

Resort time share resales are available through brokers, property owners, or sale by owners and resale companies. Each has its benefits. For example, brokers have access to properties listed elsewhere but do not sell them after being listed elsewhere for a certain amount of time. So, the broker’s listing would be a repossession or foreclosure.

On the other hand, sale-by-owner listings may not have been promoted in any way and thus lack visibility to others looking for timeshares. The resale company has its inventory of previously owned timeshares that it lists.

More Flexibility for Families

Speaking of flexibility, timeshares are the perfect choice for families who want to change their vacation plans even at the last minute. With villas being held by different owners every week, it is much easier to cancel or change your reservation since there are constantly vacancies available!

Also, families enjoy no fees for children under 18 years old. One major downfall of renting a condo is how expensive it can be when traveling with children under 18 without an adult’s supervision. Timeshares take this into consideration and allow up to four people per unit with no extra fees attached! This means that everyone in your family has access to all the perks: even those pesky little ones who always seem to ruin your vacations.

Enjoy Free Upgrades

When renting a timeshare, you do not have access to all the available amenities on site. Everything is for members only! With a timeshare purchase, the resort will grant special privileges depending on what type of membership you choose (or if no membership has been purchased). For example, if you buy a deluxe membership, you will have access to all the resort amenities at no charge. A timeshare lets you experience the same type of luxury for just hundreds rather than thousands of dollars, including staying in gated communities during your vacation or travel. Timeshares are so popular because they provide a great alternative to resort rentals, often too expensive. It is far less costly to purchase your own time in the same condo you would have rented for a week during peak season. This way, you can enjoy the luxury of staying in an upscale hotel while also having more room at your disposal and being able to cook meals in the comfort of your home.

Everyone loves planning their summer vacation, mainly families looking forward to spending time together at the beach or poolside. Unfortunately, these prime locations are costly during peak seasons and can empty your pockets very quickly! However, with a timeshare purchase, there are never any high season fees to worry about when making your reservation. You can usually plan your trip up to a year in advance and not have to pay one cent more than is stated when you made the initial booking.

Avoiding Scams

Lastly, one of the most important reasons it is better to buy a timeshare than renting condos is the culture of deception that often occurs in this activity. For example, some owners will misrepresent their unit’s condition by charging more for rental fees without improving its value, such as leaving old furniture or appliances behind even if they are no longer working. There have been unfortunate cases where renters were utterly unaware of the unit’s problems until they moved in, such as faulty air conditioning, which led to a massive loss of property.

If you want an experience that is truly worth your time and money, then do not risk getting scammed by renting condos. Instead, buy a timeshare that will allow you to enjoy all their amenities without spending too much or keeping track of rental fees! You can achieve this by engaging reputable timeshare lawyers.

Timeshares are often easily convertible into cash, which allows you the flexibility to use the money you have already paid towards your accommodation for something else that fits your financial needs better. You might even be able to take out a loan secured by your timeshare if you need additional financing, but you cannot do this with a rental condo!

Timeshares make vacationing more convenient because they are already pre-paid and designed for families or groups traveling together. Also, there is no need to hunt around for last-minute deals because your accommodations are whenever you want them without the pressure of paying for them.

Timeshares allow you access to the world’s finest resorts, which are off-limits to renters and vacationers without purchase privileges. These include fine food, luxury accommodations, recreational activities, and up-close interaction with famous entertainers, all at discounted prices compared to purchasing individual accommodations separately!