Three Reasons to Consider Private Air Travel


Private jet charter for business

Is flying on a private aircraft really that different from regular commercial jet travel? It definitely is, and here are three reasons to think about it for yourself:

Time is Money

The number one reason that businesses use chartered flights and private aircraft is the time savings they bring. Flying on an executive private jet or private jet is hugely fast compared to commercial travel. You?ll save time on all the peripherals to air travel, like driving to the airport, checking in, going through security, and getting luggage after the flight. But you’ll also save time while in the air, as well. Private aircraft can use any of more than 5,000 airports in American, while commercial can only use about 550. This lets them pick you up and drop you off at airports a lot closer to your destinations. Not only that, but private jets can fly higher and avoid traffic, as well, which means actual flight time can be cut even over the same distances as commercial aircraft. In fact, flying privately can cut your travel time by as much as half.

Productivity Is Key

It?s hard to be productive on a commercial aircraft. Business class is full, not with business people, but with people who just wanted a bigger seat and aren’t concerned about the work you need to do. Children are everywhere, screaming and kicking seats. Lines are long and distractions are everywhere. Flights are delayed for all kinds of reasons that are out of your control, and productivity suffers with each delay. In fact, business people who use commercial airlines said in a 2009 survey that they experienced about a 40% drop in productivity. On private aircraft, by contrast, business people reported they were 20% more productive than even in the office.

It?s Just More Comfortable

For one thing, the airports are calmer and quieter. You can practically drive right up to the private aircraft and walk in. If you want to work, or just sleep on the flight, there?s much less to keep you from that. And a lot of general aviation terminals are as comfortable as the business class lounges of regular commercial terminals. Some will even offer you free transportation around town in a courtesy car for short trips, and will help arrange longer rentals and hotel accommodations if necessary.

If you have to travel a lot for business and are concerned about saving time, being productive, and being comfortable, a private jet charter or other chartered flight might just be the answer.