Three Must-See Locations in Monrovia, the Heart of Liberia


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Over the last decade, the West African nation of Liberia has been earning a name for itself as one of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit in the whole of Africa. With a huge amount of its area made up of unspoiled rain forest, the country is a paradise for scientists, photographers, and nature enthusiasts. Its 200 year history, full of American colonialism, civil war, and hopeful reconstruction, is interesting enough to pull scholars from around the world to the small country.

The main driver of the $232 million Index Mundi estimates the country’s tourist industry draws in every year, however, doesn’t have to do with any one thing. The country’s luxury villas work hand-in-hand with its history, natural landscape, and other magical attractions to bring in ever-increasing tourist numbers, according to Monrovia, the country’s capital, represents the best of the small African nation. Whether you’re a fan of history, science, or suntanning on the beach, here are the three things you absolutely should do in the Liberian capital when you aren’t enjoying its private villas.

Providence Island: Birthplace of Modern Liberia
Liberia, meaning “the Land of the Free”, was founded in the beginning of the 19th century by freed American slaves. Their spirit and love of freedom, personal and economical, continues to live on in the country’s people, its holiday villas, and its vibrant food and historical culture. Nowhere, perhaps, is this more visible than on Providence Island. According to TripAdvisor, this island is where the first founders of Liberia landed before founding the country. The location is simple, but it leaves most visitors with a sense of profound happiness. After all, it’s evidence that freedom can win out over hatred. Guests can reach Providence Island by taking a short taxi ride from Monrovia’s famous holiday villas.

The Liberia National Museum
As the Global Post writes, the Liberia National Museum, located in downtown Monrovia, is the foremost keeper of the country’s history. With artifacts ranging from its origins in 1820 through its many civil wars and continuing on through today, the museum is just as much a national treasure for Liberians as it is an important historical source for historians from around the world. Like Liberia itself, the museum has been battered by war and financial hardship, but with the support of its visitors, it has bounced back to become one of the country’s most interesting attractions.

The Ever Vibrant and Exciting Waterside Market
Without a doubt, the most popular Monrovian attraction for guests of the city’s private villas is the Waterside Market, conveniently located on Water Street. According to Lonely Planet, the market sells textiles and more. If you’re a lover of great food and live music, check out the market to catch the sounds of Liberian hip-co, a Liberian form of rap, while sampling vittles from the market’s many vendors.

If you’re planning a stay in Liberia’s well-known private villas, keep these wonderful attractions in mind. By travelling to these popular locations, you’ll not only increase your enjoyment of your trip but you’ll also come to understand the life of Liberia. See more.