The Wright Brothers A Lasting Legacy


Best private jet charter

Charter jets are a class of jet of their own. They fly high in the sky, swooping through the sky like a bird, flown by a pilot intent on his or her destination, nimble and agile, capable of traveling great distances, while its passengers enjoy the beautiful views of the fluffy clouds and the empty blue sky in all directions.

There is a romance to flying, or at least there was. Flying used to represent the most daring of ideals: The ability to leave the ground and travel through the air. It was a vision of many during the time of the Wright Brothers, when they made their first trip in Kitty Hawk, launching from the ground into the sky.

That flight represented the great American exploration spirit, traveling to a land and places in a way that nobody had done before. It was American ingenuity, creativity, daring, excellence, and it was a technology and invention that powered American for decades, up until this very day.

Today, flying still has a touch of romance to it, depending on the person that is asked. Flying contains the ingredient to traveling quickly to foreign countries, to exotic locales, and even though there is a great deal of crying babies and technological devices to play with, flying still represents an idea that is tough to match in today’s day and age.

For many, flying still holds that age old appeal. There are smaller airports where pilots teach others to get their pilot’s license, with people still holding value in a solo or two person flight to a destination of their choices, sometimes hours away in another state, another town, another municipality.

Flying, for them, is still a beautiful activity, a growing experience, a love for the air and exploration, like the great explorers that have come before. Yes, it can certainly be said that the age of incredible exploration on Earth is over but there are still possibilities for people to explore.

Flying, for many, still retains that sense of mystery and wonder. Today, there are commercial airlines that take people all around the country and all around the globe. But they are often the McDonalds of flying: A once size fits all situation where individuals are crammed together in small chairs in order to price economy.

These people play with technological devices rather than socialize with the other passengers. Those with window seats sometimes pull the blinds down, though this is often because they are trying to sleep or block out the sun. The mystery of flying depends greatly on the thoughts of the passenger, whether they consider it mysterious or not.

There are, however, charter jets that offer a more romantic ride across the skies. These include the international jet charter, the private aircraft charter, the gulfstream charter plane, the private jet flight, and the worldwide jet charter, all of which contain the same principle: A more luxurious way of flying.

Jet charters have the following characteristic at the very least: They are quieter than the commercial airlines. Gone are the screaming babies (though this depends on the charter and who is flying). Gone are the crowded seating, with people crammed next to each other. Gone are the forcing of people to sit facing one direction.

Jet charters have the following characters that make them great for business people:

  • Respondents to a 2009 survey stated they are 20% more productive on company aircraft.
  • One third of all business aircraft flights are into secondary airports, and 19% of flights are into commercial airports.
  • While commercial airlines fly at 35,000 feet, smaller jets fly higher and don’t have to deal with air traffic, making their trips often shorter.

There are over 11,000 private jets in America as of 2011. Many of these private jets are available to charter, which means rent, to any place around the country. Some around the globe. The international jet charter has capabilities all around the globe. A flight to India from New York City, Los Angeles to Tokyo.

The international jet charter means the ability to travel all around the world. The international jet charter can help someone travel all around the world. This could be a great thing, at least in the Wright Brothers days. Perhaps now too.