Stay Cool This Summer! Plan Your Next Family Vacation at a Lakeside Campground!


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Are you looking for a great vacation idea? Why not stay at lakeside campgrounds! Family camping vacations, whether they’re for few days or 2 or more weeks, are a popular way to spend time together.

A recent survey showed that camping is at the top of the vacation destination list for many American families. In 2011 alone, families spent about 534.9 million days together at various types of campgrounds. Adults, in general, like to go camping so they are able to spend more quality time with their families. The survey showed that this was the case with 13% of the adult campers that participated in the survey.

Americans will spend an average of 14.9 days camping in tents, cabins, yurts, or RVs. They also like to spend a few nights outside under the stars.

Most of the time, families choose to spend this time in public campgrounds due to all of the amenities and available activities. A recent survey showed that 70% of Americans preferred the experience of staying at a public campground, and 87% enjoyed participating in a variety of outdoor pastimes such as hiking and water activities.

Many families go camping because they enjoy just being outdoors. Just the simple act of camping is their main motivation for planning several trips every year. Most of the campers that participated in the survey indicated that they were planning 4.9 trips ahead. Others, approximately 2/3, were planning 3 or more trips in advance.

Some families may travel quite a ways to visit lakeside campgrounds and other camping destinations. Others, however, may travel an average of 186.7 miles for their trips. While some people like to stay local, it can be quite an adventure to travel further to explore new campgrounds.

Whether you and your family want to go camping near a lake or in wooded areas or both, staying at a camp resort can be fun for the entire family. Do you plan your vacations ahead of time, or are you and your family more spontaneous? If you plan ahead, though, it can assure you have the perfect pot and increase the excitement of taking a trip together.