Reasons to Take a Vacation to Tuscany This Year


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Are you planning a honeymoon or special getaway? Planning a trip can feel stressful at times, but it?s all worth it when you?re finally on vacation enjoying yourself. You don?t want to stay inside the walls of your hotel room when you?re on an exciting vacation. Instead, you want to get out and explore all the destination has to offer from restaurants, to activities, to markets, to sights. Whether you?re looking for honeymoon ideas or romantic hotels for a quick getaway, planning ahead can always help make the vacation less stressful and more fun.

Interested in learning about great travel destinations for the best honeymoon spots or a romantic trip with your partner? Keep reading for tips and advice on planning trips, where to go, and what to do while you?re on vacation.

Why Vacationing Is Always a Good Idea

It?s always beneficial to take time off and dedicate some days to a vacation every once in a while. You may feel like you should be at work, taking care of the kids, or worrying about all the tasks you have left to do. Sometimes, you just need to leave it all behind so that you can enjoy yourself. It?s not healthy to stay inside the walls of your home or your office day after day, week after week. You have to take advantage of the good weather, the holiday, or the days you have saved up to take off work and go on a vacation.

In this year, the majority of families are planning to take at least one if not two vacations. 70% of families aren?t letting anything hold them back from getting out there. They aren’t choosing to stay inside the walls of their, according to an AAA Study. It?s not just families who are making a commitment to vacation, explore, and travel more frequently this year, though. Millennials are already committed to the idea of taking time for oneself to get out and experience the world.

In fact, when it comes to spending money on something, millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences. They don?t want to waste their paychecks on material items if they could instead use it to travel and make memories. Around 60% opt for experiences over material items.

Where to Plan Your Next Vacation

If you need some ideas about where to travel next, consider heading to Europe. More specifically, choose to visit Tuscany for your next family trip, your honeymoon, or a romantic getaway with your partner. Tuscany has so much to offer in terms of exploring, experiencing a new culture, and enjoying new sights and foods.

To be more specific, Tuscany is a great travel destination for wine lovers. In 2015, there were more than 3 million hectoliters of wine produced in Tuscany. Italy, as a whole, ranks number one for producing wine out of any other country. In 2015, more than 15% of wine was distributed from Italy.

No matter if you want to visit a few vineyards on your time or you want to get the full experience and take a wine tour to see how wine is produced, Tuscany has the opportunity waiting for you. In addition to vineyards and wine tastings, you can get out and explore the sights in Tuscany and Italy. From old cities, to the countryside, to the seaside, Italy has it all. Everyone in your family will be pleased with the different options for activities and experiences, and your whole family will love all the food they get to enjoy on this trip. No one will want to stay inside the walls of the hotels in Italy.

Visiting a different country, like Italy, also gives you exposure to new cultures and new experiences that you won’t necessarily get on every vacation you take. It’s a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy something new.

Do you already have an upcoming vacation planned that you are excited about? If not, do you think you?ll ever plan a vacation to visit Tuscany? Let us know in the comments about your experiences traveling in the country and abroad.