Optimize Your Summer! Why Paddleboarding Is The Next Big Thing


Most of us desire to be one among nature, able to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the world, letting all your troubles melt away, offset by a cool bubbling brook surrounded by lush, green forests…Sounds too good to be true, right? But that possibility may be closer than one might imagine. Paddleboarding is quickly introducing itself as a popular pastime among adolescents and adults alike, because of its active participation to achieve one common goal: working together to ride the perfect wave. Studies show that seventy percent of trips are with friends, most of these trips being popular tropical destinations. Namely, Puerto Rico and Cuba that are known for their highly competitive paddleboarding competitions. Paddleboarding has even proven to be good for your health, research states, as the firing of a bow leads to the proper development of muscles in almost all muscle regions, including chest, shoulders, and back. If health benefits and memorable times with friends are your style, here’s some paddleboarding basics you’ll need to know for an optimal experience on the waves.

What Are The Paddleboarding Basics?

Paddleboarding is a hybrid between swimming and surfing on a mid-length paddleboat to navigate the oceans more efficiently. Paddleboarding is typically on the open sea, with the objective for the participants to journey across islands and other coastal areas that are not otherwise accessible, a mode of transportation that was common during its creation from redwood. There are also alternative methods, including stand-up paddle surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding, which were designed with paddle boarding for beginners in mind.

What Are the Differences in Paddleboards?

Paddleboards are categorized into three classes to denote speed and length: Stock, 14 Foot, and Unlimited. Stock is considered a beginner’s board, notably for its ability to quickly accelerate in rougher waters and preferred for learning the paddleboarding basics. On the other hand, 14-foot boards are considered the best “well-rounded” board. Its length is a claim to fame for its popularity among all levels of paddleboarders with its nearly seamless navigation. The last category is Unlimited boards, they are the fastest and longest boards at a varying 17-18 feet, allowing paddlers longer glides and quicker speeds, but at the expense of difficulty navigating. Additionally, paddleboards are a relatively simple DIY project, as they are compatible with various equipment, such as surfboards.

Where Are the Best Places to Shop for Paddleboards?

Coastal regions are always an ideal place to shop for aquatic equipment. The best areas are said to be in Florida, specifically, Tampa and St. Petersburg, that have great sporting goods stores. Residents and visitors alike have an affinity for Flordia’s water, and the remarkable beaches off the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic account for Florida’s popularity as a major surfer state and tourist attraction. From its warm, inviting weather to its unforgettable shores, paddleboarding with friends and family here is a truly memorable, exhilarating experience.