Creating Your Online Travel Video


Online travel videos

Everyone can snap a picture and upload it to the internet these days, in fact most smartphone owners can do the same with video. Technology has improved enough that your online travel video can be created on vacation and viewed by friends at home before you ever return.

Whether you are making your own video travel guides or just putting a travel video online, there are few tips to make the best online travel video with just a phone video camera. First, are you trying to capture a specific event in your online travel video? For example, are you touring a famous landmark that you want others to experience virtually with you? If that is the case, you can create a document of that experience just by conversationally talking viewers through the event.

One word of caution before you get too involved in creating an online travel video. Do not just experience your travels through a view finder. Take time to put down the camera and see everything through your own lens, not a cameras. Families are finding that the prevalence of cell phones, means they experience everything on a 4 inch screen versus in “real life”.

That being said, you should try to determine what kind of audience you are filming your travel videos for. Are they your age with similar financial resources and the same sense of adventure or is this for those that may never make the same trip? By studying the audience for your online travel video, you can determine how detailed the narration should be. Sometimes it is best to let the images do the explaining, but some detailed narration can go a long way to helping them share in your experience.

As you start to record your online travel video, do not be afraid that you have to capture everything in a single take. Even phones have some editing capabilities these days. Oftentimes, cutting content will make the online travel video far more interesting anyway.