Charter Bus Travel From Family Reunions to Sightseeing Excursions and More


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Are you planning to charter a trip? Whether you’re heading to a family reunion or going on a long-awaited sightseeing excursion, you want to travel with ease and comfort. This is why traveling by charter bus is becoming a more and more popular way to travel.

The American Bus Association conducted a study that found bus travel increased in the United States during 2011 to 2012. According to this study, there was a 7.5% increase, which made it the fastest growing method of travel. A little over half, or 50.2% of the trips taken during 2012 were by seniors and students. Slightly less than half, or 49.9% of the trips taken during that year, were by young and older adults. Currently, however, 751 million passenger trips are taken via motor coach every year.

Traveling by motorcoach is also more economical for passengers and motorcoach companies alike. When compared to other means of travel, motorcoaches are able to achieve better average mileage than other forms of travel:

  • Motorcoaches: 206.6 passenger miles per gallon
  • Commuter rail: 92.4 passenger miles per gallon
  • Transit buses: 31.4 passenger miles per gallon
  • Domestic airplanes: 44 passenger miles per gallon
  • Personal automobiles: 27.2 passenger miles per gallon
  • Hybrid cars: 46 passenger miles per gallon

In addition to achieving better mileage, there are other benefits to traveling by charter bus. When just one of these buses is full, they are able to potentially take 55 automobiles off America’s roads and highways. This reduces congestion, energy use, and emissions. Furthermore, when motorcoach emissions are compared with other modes of travel, they emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile.

Motorcoach terminals are also easier to access than other means of travel. Throughout the United States, there are five times the amount of motorcoach terminals than airports, and six times the amount of intercity rail terminals. Residents in rural areas are also able to access motorcoach terminals. In fact, for over 14 million of these rural residents, motorcoaches are usually the only means they have available for intercity transportation.

Given all of the advantages mentioned above, it makes sense to travel by motorcoach. You’ll also be able to enjoy the view and visit with family and friends rather than dealing with traffic on the road. Chances are that you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to have a good time.