4 Popular Limo Makes and Models


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Limos are popular for a variety of reasons. Prom night, girls night out, weddings, and even some business ventures. Limo drivers typically take around 150 trips per week and there are more than 8,000 of them in the United States, meaning that limo services are obviously incredibly popular. Limousine services can chauffeur you and your guests for whatever event you choose, but there are a few types of limos that are well know for obvious reasons. Listed below are the most popular limos.


Chrysler produces a limo know as the Chrysler 300 series. Chrysler has been making this vehicle for over a decade. Different options include different seating options and different lengths so that you can find the perfect fit for you and your guests.


Just say the name and majority of people around you will know what you are talking about. While the company has made leaps and strides throughout the years one thing remains the same, they are known for their incredible luxury and class. Mercedez also offers limos in a variety of sizes and seating options.


This car has had many models that have been the go to model for years, and their limos are no different. Lincoln cars already make roomy vehicles so when you stretch them more to make a limo it only makes sense that the result will be pleasurable.

Hummer 2

Just about everyone knows this name, and this limo. These limos specialize in fleets of SUV limos, which is the one thing that sets them apart from all other limo services. The unique design has an impression that is sure to be remembered, allowing passengers to make a statement that no one will soon forget.

No matter your reason for looking for limo rentals ensure that you choose one that seats everyone, and one that is comfortable. If traveling for work ensure that all work material can be comfortably accommodated in the limousine. If using limo services for transportation to and from the airport, make sure that all luggage can be carried along with passengers inside the limo. Ensuring these things will make your limo experience one that you nor your passengers will soon forget.