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Family Camping Options Are Available Across the Nation in a Number of Different Settings

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Today is National Plan Your Vacation Day. And while not many people are actually taking time off this last week in January, it is the intent that more Americans will use this day to make plans for a future vacation.

The wide variety of activities that are available on the beach are major attractions for many vacationers. From walking the shore looking for seashells to taking lessons to learn how to surf, there is an activity that will interest almost everyone. Fortunately, you do not have to stay at an expensive hotel and pay expensive restaurant prices to enjoy a family vacation at the beach. In fact, there are many family camping resorts that are located on or near fantastic locations like beaches, mountains, and wide open valleys.
The decision to book your next trip at a family camping resort is a decision to make sure that you, your spouse, and your children spend quality time together. In addition to being located in some very scenic locations, a family cabin rentals can encourage you to disconnect with technology and reconnect with each other. Whether you are looking for a kid friendly vacation option or you are looking for a romantic get away for you and your special someone, camping resorts are often a great option.
Available in a wide range of prices and size, you can usually find exactly the kind of camping experience that you are looking for. From places that are equipped with gourmet kitchens to rustic cabins, families can decide just how authentic they want their camping experience to be.

According to results from the 2014 American Camper Report, as many as 40.1 million Americans, or 14% of the U.S. population over the age of six, went camping in the year 2013. In a time when it seems that everyone is attached to their phone, this statistic is promising. There are many experts who believe, in fact, that the solution to some of the biggest problems our nation faces is in reconnecting with nature, something that is more likely if people leave their homes and get out into the forests, the mountains, and the oceans.

Although as many as 43% of campers planned their trips at least one month in advance, there are plenty of places where you can go camping without a reservation if you are willing to go in the off season. Taking the time to leave your work at home and reconnect with your children is a major step that many people want to make as they start making their plans for 2018. Are you ready to see what family camping resorts are available to you?

If You’re Planning a Trip, the Bus Just Might Be the Best Way to Travel

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47 passenger bus

The United States is a wide open land. It is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, not just in terms of its citizens but also the land itself. From the mountains to the valleys and everything in between, seeing the country from the highways and byways is an experience most people never really get to enjoy.

If you pay attention to the news during presidential campaigns, you will likely hear the term “flyover states.” Those states are the ones located mostly in the middle of the country that candidates fly over while they are going from one campaign stop to the next, usually from the east coast the west coast.

Many people who fly understand what this means and for business as well as personal travel, many states get flown over as we go from one place to the next. If you do this every time you travel, though, you are cheating yourself out of some of the great experiences of America herself.

Motorcoach companies enhance your experience of America

If you are looking to get more out of your travel experiences, then you should give coach buses a try. Coach buses are as active now as they have ever been, accounting for over 751 million passenger trips every year. In some years, the motorcoach industry moves more people around the country than airlines do. When you travel on the ground, you get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the United States that get entirely missed from the air. Stopping in small towns and minor cities gives you a quick glimpse of how our fellow Americans live and spend their time.

Coach buses have a history almost as old as the country itself

Even in the early days of our country, coach buses were a quality way to travel. In the 1820s, horse-drawn buses were being used to carry several passengers to many different destinations. As the country opened up and expanded westward, the need for vehicles to carry several people at once grew.

With the advent of the motorcar, buses became a convenient way to get around town, especially in the big cities. They also took people from small town to small town, from the big city to the rural areas. Today, motorcoaches still do the same. Many bus lines go into rural areas where airplanes do not fly. This makes it a convenient way to travel if your trip will take you to an out of the way destination.

Motorcoaches are easier on the environment

When you consider how crowded our highways are these days and what that is doing to our environment, taking the bus to your destination, whether it is a local trip or a journey across the country, can help the environment. Every coach bus has the potential to remove the equivalent of 55 cars from the highways. They reduce emissions, cut energy use, and free up space on the roads. It’s hard to find a downside when you think about it.

So the next time you plan a trip, why not give the motorcoach industry another look? You will see our great landscape in a whole new way, you’ll help the environment, and you’ll have the time of your life.

The Private Aircraft Bringing Mystique to Flying

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Private jet charter quote

There is a romance and beauty to flying. There is something about being high in the sky, bound for the next destination, advancing against the effect of gravity, like a bird soaring in the sky, that is just replete with romanticism and a sense of adventure. There is beauty to it and a gorgeous mentality that the world is open for exploration.

Today, many people have lost that sense of romanticism when flying on planes. Nowadays, it’s about getting to the next destination as quickly as possible, how many connecting flights are needed to get to the destination, how long it will take, will the food be less than good. These trivial things.

Today, people believe that most of the world has been explored. Explorers have gone around the world in ships, traversed remote islands by plane, and explored even to the far stretches of the Amazon, which is considered the most difficult place to explore on earth. Still, there is beauty. Still, there is majesty. It’s up to people to find it.

The Wright Brothers were the first to fly an airplane. They were the first to get airborne and stay airborne, which was a true task during their time. Their flight at Kitty Hawk is immortalized as many beginning to explore the skies. They showed that it was possible. The world followed suit.

Soon other planes followed. There were the bombers in World War II, the small Cessnas that could only move two or three people at a time. There were the jumbo jets that could move a hundred people at a time and then more. Planes became bigger, and soon people were no longer following the mystique of planes. They became just a form of travel.

The same can be said of trains and other vehicles. It seems that Americans and people in general have lost the mystique of traveling to new areas where they will discover something new and exciting. Or not. There is a mystery to travel that some find appealing. It is the exploration of the world.

Today, more and more people are choosing to live in one location, rarely ever traveling or setting foot outside of their location. Today, most people live and die within a small amount of miles of where they were born. That is a shocking statistics, but people do like to live in places they are comfortable with.

But there are still a few that travel and travel often. And they travel in the way that travel was meant to be. They fly on jets high above the sky, heading to destinations of their choosing, moving faster and more fleet than the rest. They travel the lesser known airports and the lesser known places. They travel in style.

Private jets today have all the beauty of the previous planes of a lost era. They are not crammed with people who are all intent on going to the next destination. They are not replete with annoying talkers and babies who are crying. They may cost an arm and a leg, but the experience perhaps for passengers is worth it.

There are some statistics about private planes worth noting. They are:

  • Respondents to a 2009 survey stated that they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than in the office.
  • Out of business aircraft passengers, only 22% are top management, 50% are other managers, and 20% are technical, sales or service staff.
  • One third of all business aircraft flights are into a secondary airport, and 19% of flights are into large commercial airports.
  • Business people flying on commercial airlines reported a 40% drop in productivity, according to a 2009 survey.
  • While commercial jets cruise at 35,000 feet, smaller jets fly higher and don’t have to deal with other air traffic, often making trips faster.

There is the private charter and there is the private jet charter. There are types of private jets and types of private planes. There is even the VIP private jet.

There are ways to charter a private aircraft. One way to charter a private aircraft is to contact a charter company. Another way to charter a private aircraft is to go to an airport. A third way to charter a private aircraft is to seek out a pilot.

Three Reasons to Consider Private Air Travel

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Private jet charter for business

Is flying on a private aircraft really that different from regular commercial jet travel? It definitely is, and here are three reasons to think about it for yourself:

Time is Money

The number one reason that businesses use chartered flights and private aircraft is the time savings they bring. Flying on an executive private jet or private jet is hugely fast compared to commercial travel. You?ll save time on all the peripherals to air travel, like driving to the airport, checking in, going through security, and getting luggage after the flight. But you’ll also save time while in the air, as well. Private aircraft can use any of more than 5,000 airports in American, while commercial can only use about 550. This lets them pick you up and drop you off at airports a lot closer to your destinations. Not only that, but private jets can fly higher and avoid traffic, as well, which means actual flight time can be cut even over the same distances as commercial aircraft. In fact, flying privately can cut your travel time by as much as half.

Productivity Is Key

It?s hard to be productive on a commercial aircraft. Business class is full, not with business people, but with people who just wanted a bigger seat and aren’t concerned about the work you need to do. Children are everywhere, screaming and kicking seats. Lines are long and distractions are everywhere. Flights are delayed for all kinds of reasons that are out of your control, and productivity suffers with each delay. In fact, business people who use commercial airlines said in a 2009 survey that they experienced about a 40% drop in productivity. On private aircraft, by contrast, business people reported they were 20% more productive than even in the office.

It?s Just More Comfortable

For one thing, the airports are calmer and quieter. You can practically drive right up to the private aircraft and walk in. If you want to work, or just sleep on the flight, there?s much less to keep you from that. And a lot of general aviation terminals are as comfortable as the business class lounges of regular commercial terminals. Some will even offer you free transportation around town in a courtesy car for short trips, and will help arrange longer rentals and hotel accommodations if necessary.

If you have to travel a lot for business and are concerned about saving time, being productive, and being comfortable, a private jet charter or other chartered flight might just be the answer.

Here’s How to Find Great Deals on Private Jet Quotes for Group Travel

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Executive jet

Many people associate private flights with a lifestyle that only the rich and famous can afford to maintain, but did you know that private jets are also a great way for the not so rich and famous to travel? Yes, you read that right.

A chartered flight is one of the best ways to travel in comfort, style, and luxury, allowing for an unforgettable travel experience. There’s simply no better way to treat yo self and your travel companions, while twirling on your haters. And the best part is that private jets for charter are surprisingly affordable and may even be more affordable per passenger than a commercial flight in some circumstances.

But before you can charter a jet, it’s important to take the time to carefully review various jet quotes. As with any major purchase, be sure to think it over carefully, read between the lines, and receive jet quotes from a few different providers before making the final decision to sign on the dotted line.

Price is often a leading factor when it comes to jet quotes, and understandably so. However price shouldn’t always be a determining factor, as there are many other things to consider. After all, the cheapest jet quotes aren’t always the best deal! Here are just a few things to keep in mind when searching for a price that works for you:

Group needs

Although the number of passengers is important when calculating private jet quotes, it’s even more important to consider the individual needs of each passenger. For example, a party of four adults is going to travel a lot differently than a party of two adults and two children, or two adults and two seniors. Don’t make the mistake of going with the smallest private aircraft charter available for the sake of price, especially if anyone traveling with you needs to be accommodated in any way.

Stay flexible

You’re more likely to find a great deals on private jet quotes if you can remain flexible on the dates you fly and where you to fly to. For example, a Saturday morning flight from a busy international airport hub can be significantly more expensive than a Tuesday afternoon flight to a smaller airport. Being open minded when it comes to airport location and travel dates can help you land the best deal.

Be spontaneous

While waiting until the last minute to book group travel is rarely a good idea, it might help you find the cheapest private jet quotes. You shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes booking a private jet flight, but if you decide to travel on a whim, you might be able to find a too-good-to-be-true deal that’s actually true. In order to cover the cost of last minute cancellations, private jet companies will usually offer ridiculously affordable fare on seats. These “next day” deals come and go quickly, but they’re a great way to travel for less if it happens to align with your plans. Don’t hesitate to contact the private jet charter company directly for insider information on deals that aren’t advertised online.

A pleasant travel experience is invaluable, and provides memorable experiences that money simply can’t buy. The best private jet experience can lay the foundation for an unforgettable trip. As it’s often been said when it comes to recreational travel, getting there is half the battle! So why not arrive in style?

The Wright Brothers A Lasting Legacy

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Best private jet charter

Charter jets are a class of jet of their own. They fly high in the sky, swooping through the sky like a bird, flown by a pilot intent on his or her destination, nimble and agile, capable of traveling great distances, while its passengers enjoy the beautiful views of the fluffy clouds and the empty blue sky in all directions.

There is a romance to flying, or at least there was. Flying used to represent the most daring of ideals: The ability to leave the ground and travel through the air. It was a vision of many during the time of the Wright Brothers, when they made their first trip in Kitty Hawk, launching from the ground into the sky.

That flight represented the great American exploration spirit, traveling to a land and places in a way that nobody had done before. It was American ingenuity, creativity, daring, excellence, and it was a technology and invention that powered American for decades, up until this very day.

Today, flying still has a touch of romance to it, depending on the person that is asked. Flying contains the ingredient to traveling quickly to foreign countries, to exotic locales, and even though there is a great deal of crying babies and technological devices to play with, flying still represents an idea that is tough to match in today’s day and age.

For many, flying still holds that age old appeal. There are smaller airports where pilots teach others to get their pilot’s license, with people still holding value in a solo or two person flight to a destination of their choices, sometimes hours away in another state, another town, another municipality.

Flying, for them, is still a beautiful activity, a growing experience, a love for the air and exploration, like the great explorers that have come before. Yes, it can certainly be said that the age of incredible exploration on Earth is over but there are still possibilities for people to explore.

Flying, for many, still retains that sense of mystery and wonder. Today, there are commercial airlines that take people all around the country and all around the globe. But they are often the McDonalds of flying: A once size fits all situation where individuals are crammed together in small chairs in order to price economy.

These people play with technological devices rather than socialize with the other passengers. Those with window seats sometimes pull the blinds down, though this is often because they are trying to sleep or block out the sun. The mystery of flying depends greatly on the thoughts of the passenger, whether they consider it mysterious or not.

There are, however, charter jets that offer a more romantic ride across the skies. These include the international jet charter, the private aircraft charter, the gulfstream charter plane, the private jet flight, and the worldwide jet charter, all of which contain the same principle: A more luxurious way of flying.

Jet charters have the following characteristic at the very least: They are quieter than the commercial airlines. Gone are the screaming babies (though this depends on the charter and who is flying). Gone are the crowded seating, with people crammed next to each other. Gone are the forcing of people to sit facing one direction.

Jet charters have the following characters that make them great for business people:

  • Respondents to a 2009 survey stated they are 20% more productive on company aircraft.
  • One third of all business aircraft flights are into secondary airports, and 19% of flights are into commercial airports.
  • While commercial airlines fly at 35,000 feet, smaller jets fly higher and don’t have to deal with air traffic, making their trips often shorter.

There are over 11,000 private jets in America as of 2011. Many of these private jets are available to charter, which means rent, to any place around the country. Some around the globe. The international jet charter has capabilities all around the globe. A flight to India from New York City, Los Angeles to Tokyo.

The international jet charter means the ability to travel all around the world. The international jet charter can help someone travel all around the world. This could be a great thing, at least in the Wright Brothers days. Perhaps now too.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Flight

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Cheap flights to seattle

There is no activity that people seem to enjoy more in America than that of camping and traveling. Family vacations are beloved by families of all cultures in the United States. Furthermore, plenty of families also believe that traveling and family vacations are the activities that they enjoy doing most as a family.

Picking the right flight for you and your trip will really depend on where you are going and what sort of flight experience you want. Do you want the best entertainment experience possible? If so then you need to find a flight that will provide everything you want to meet your needs. Here are all of the facts on how you can pick the right flight for your trip.

Right now, just about 80% of all millennials have stated that they enjoy the idea of learning something new while traveling. This means that younger people enjoy experiencing new things like learning about new cultures. There is no question then that the average millennial will want a flight that is diverse or features different cultural aspects that they are not used to dealing with.

Forbes recently released information in an article that details what other millennials look for when they are traveling on vacation. This information revealed that just about 98% of all millennials enjoy experiencing a local cuisine while traveling. So most millennials will be looking to book a flight that goes to a place that is dynamic and different when compared to where they currently live.

Plenty of people will work hard to find cheap international flights. People will work hard to find a cheap flight or cheap flights when they travel because they want to try and maximize their money elsewhere while on vacation. When trying to book your trip make sure you find a reasonably priced ticket for your flight.

In the year of 2016, there were over 215 million passengers traveling by flight to and from the United States on flights from different airlines. These commercial airlines helped to generate a global revenue that was valued at $501 billion American dollars in the year of 2016. So there are plenty of people who are taking flights to and from the United States in the modern era.

Recent studies have revealed that just about 80% of all trips that are domestic are taken for leisure purposes. This means that most domestic American flights are taken by people for their own fun and not for business. However, there are still plenty of people who do travel for business reasons as well.

A recent study revealed that 40% of all travelers stated a romantic feeling when they want on vacation. Many couples will book themselves a trip to somewhere fun and exotic so they can escape their troubles back home and enjoy a romantic getaway. As a matter of fact, the honeymoon trip is a romantic vacation for couples that get married.

Data and surveys have recently determined that 96% of all American workers value vacation time and want to work for a company that provides them with ample vacation time. Another study revealed that just about 75% of all millennials stated they would prefer to spend their money on experiences and fun activities as opposed to buying material items. So the value of going on a trip is greater for young people as opposed to older people.

In Conclusion

Booking your flights is not easy and if you need help then feel free to seek out a website or application that will you help a good deal. Thanks to the benefits of modern technology, there has never been an easier time to buy an airplane ticket for your trip thanks to the internet. So many activities are incredibly easier thanks to the expansion of technology and one of those activities is definitely booking a trip and a flight. More like this article.

Happy Camper How Camping Can Improve Your Mood

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Cabins in maryland

Do you like you lost your groover, your mojo, or even your swagger? Does the monotony of the 9 to 5 grind make you feel like you’re losing your mind, or even part of yourself? In other words, are you just sick of running the rat race day in and day out? If so, join the club.

America is waging war on stress, with more American than ever revealing that they experience frequent feelings of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, many are unable to get the help they need in order to better manage their stress.

According to a recent CBS News article, it’s estimated that a staggering 8.3 million American adults, or roughly 3.4% of the population, live with psychological distress. In previous estimates, the number of Americans living with psychological distress hovered at 3% or less.

Although there are a number of highly effective treatments for stress management, spending time in nature has proved to be a real game changer in managing symptoms of depression and anxiety. A study by the University of Michigan found that simply walking in nature can a number of positive effects on mood and overall feelings of well being.

So maybe camping is just what the doctor ordered? After all, they aren’t called “happy” campers for no reason, and research is just beginning to reveal the healing properties of the great outdoors. Here’s how camping can improve your mood and promote a greater sense of personal peace.

Dare to do a digital detox

Constantly being plugged or tuned into your digital devices can create a sense of anxiety or fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO. Remote places to camp such as cabin rentals in the forest or private campgrounds can provide the perfect opportunity for a digital detox. Why not give your mind the break it deserves and keep digital use to minimum while camping?

Take a hike

The human body was designed to move, and a body in motion will stay in motion because its in good health! Americans more sedentary today than previous generations, and a sedentary lifestyle can support the beginnings of chronic illness. A camping trip is a great opportunity to get moving and engage in fun outdoor activities. Even if you don’t enjoy hiking, you can go for a casual stroll, swim, or even cross country ski in the winter.

Wake up on the right side of the bed

Feelings of anxiety and depression can contribute to sleep loss, which can have a serious negative effect on your overall emotional and mental health. In addition to feeling irritable, you may even find it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks. Furthermore, frequent or near constant use of digital devices can alter your sleep schedule. Being in the outdoors can help you sleep better than ever during a camping retreat, especially after a day of physical activity and limited device usage.

Effective Campground Marketing with the Help of the Right Business Website

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Campground design

For any kind of business, small or large, in this day and age, establishing a compelling Internet presence has become much less of an option and much more of an obligation. With fierce competition in most sectors, businesses routinely try to put in their best efforts to leverage all the potential that is provided by a medium as powerful as the Internet, and new techniques of using it productively come to light every so often. No matter what kind of business you run or manage, it is important that you pay adequate attention to all the potential that the Internet has to offer if you want to survive in a competitive market, reach out to a larger target audience, and bring in more customers to your business.

This is especially true if you run or manage a campground. Camping has become one of the most popular activities in the country, with hundreds of thousands of people taking part in it annually. Running a campground is by no means an easy task, as the physical maintenance of the campground and its conditions is likely to take up a lot of your time and effort. However, you also need to dedicate a substantial chunk of your time and effort in establishing a strong online presence that can inform potential customers about the charms and advantages of the campground experience you provide, and lure them to visit your place of business effectively. Using the Internet, this can be achieved by creating a business website for your campground and effective campground marketing.

Setting up Your Campground Website Design

The first thing that you need to do if you wish to leverage the full power of the Internet to market your campground is to set up a compelling website for it. You can draw inspiration from some of the more popular travel and tourism websites that you see, and follow along those lines for your campground website. You can also consult other campground websites for valuable information and insight. To start off with, you need to avail the services of a capable and experienced website design company, and furnish the experts with all the right information and your vision so that the website can be built from scratch.

A lot of the effectiveness of your campground website, and much of its possibility when it comes to using it as a marketing tool in the future, comes from the quality of your websites design. Websites of businesses need to be clean and minimalistic, be easy to navigate and use, and provide a memorable user experience, while also driving home your brand message and helping site visitors get to themselves acquainted with the finer points of the campground experience that you provide. Full-length, detailed lists of the features and amenities of your campground should be listed on your website, along with high-resolution images and travel directions.

Building an Effective Campground Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective Campground marketing strategy requires looking into a few distinct areas. First, you need to concentrate on the search engine optimization aspect of things. Getting organic traffic to your website is one of the best ways to open up your website to potential customers, and with good search engine optimization, this can be achieved easily. It is important that you keep yourself acquainted with the latest developments and best practices in the field of search engine optimization, so that you can implement the right SEO decisions and enjoy the results.

Other important aspects of campground marketing can include the integration and implementation of social media marketing strategies, which have time and time again proven to be effective for many different kinds of businesses. Once you create enough of a buzz, you can expect more interest among target groups, and as a result, more visitors to your campground. It is also important that you continue to provide visitors to your campground with the best quality of service possible so as to generate positive and favorable reviews, which can then also be used as an important tool to generate further interest. This can be a great new start for your campground business.

Outer Banks Rentals by Owner Could Provide Your Best Vacation Yet

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Vacation rentals nc

Whether you are gearing up for vacation, planning an extravagant destination event, or even looking for somewhere new to relocate to, there are a lot of good options. But for those who are seeking a bit of history, miles of waterfront, glorious state parks, and beautiful scenery, the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a great option. The area is known for its history as one of the first settlements of England, as well as the spot chosen by the Wright Brothers to work on their amazing new flying apparatus in the sky. Even without the history, the serene beauty of the area is enough to draw any number of different types of visitors.

Outer Banks rentals by owner

Because of the many attractions that draw in so many people, there are many available Outer Banks rentals by owners, giving visitors more options than the standard chain hotels that can be found throughout the country. Outer Banks rentals by owner provide unique experiences that prove to be ideal for those seeking something truly special. From weddings on the beach to water sports and adventures, renting a place can make your vacation destination feel like home. Outer Banks vacation rentals give you the real experience.

A peek into the Outer Banks

As far back as 1526, and quite likely even before then, the Outer Banks were known as a dangerous area for ships. Since that time, when the first records were put down, more than 1,000 ships have sunk there, and as a result, the area is sometimes referred to as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Of course, this has not provided a very attractive draw to the captains of many ships, unless they were feeling particularly daring, but it does provide intriguing scuba diving opportunities today.

In 1900, the Wright Brothers chose the area to fly and experiment with their planes. It was the ideal spot due to its sparse population and the sand dunes along the coast. Though much has changed over the years, the area is still a favorite for those looking to kite surf, paraglide, or hand glide. And while sky enthusiasts are flying high, taking in the view, they might just spot some wild ponies wandering the coast. These magnificent animals are evidence of their ancestors, great Spanish Mustangs, who managed to survive shipwrecks as far back as the 1500s.

There are many reasons to visit the Outer Banks. Whatever yours happens to be, know that you will be able to see and do plenty, and that you will have a wonderful array of options for unique places to stay.

Find out more here.