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Charter Bus Travel From Family Reunions to Sightseeing Excursions and More

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Are you planning to charter a trip? Whether you’re heading to a family reunion or going on a long-awaited sightseeing excursion, you want to travel with ease and comfort. This is why traveling by charter bus is becoming a more and more popular way to travel.

The American Bus Association conducted a study that found bus travel increased in the United States during 2011 to 2012. According to this study, there was a 7.5% increase, which made it the fastest growing method of travel. A little over half, or 50.2% of the trips taken during 2012 were by seniors and students. Slightly less than half, or 49.9% of the trips taken during that year, were by young and older adults. Currently, however, 751 million passenger trips are taken via motor coach every year.

Traveling by motorcoach is also more economical for passengers and motorcoach companies alike. When compared to other means of travel, motorcoaches are able to achieve better average mileage than other forms of travel:

  • Motorcoaches: 206.6 passenger miles per gallon
  • Commuter rail: 92.4 passenger miles per gallon
  • Transit buses: 31.4 passenger miles per gallon
  • Domestic airplanes: 44 passenger miles per gallon
  • Personal automobiles: 27.2 passenger miles per gallon
  • Hybrid cars: 46 passenger miles per gallon

In addition to achieving better mileage, there are other benefits to traveling by charter bus. When just one of these buses is full, they are able to potentially take 55 automobiles off America’s roads and highways. This reduces congestion, energy use, and emissions. Furthermore, when motorcoach emissions are compared with other modes of travel, they emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile.

Motorcoach terminals are also easier to access than other means of travel. Throughout the United States, there are five times the amount of motorcoach terminals than airports, and six times the amount of intercity rail terminals. Residents in rural areas are also able to access motorcoach terminals. In fact, for over 14 million of these rural residents, motorcoaches are usually the only means they have available for intercity transportation.

Given all of the advantages mentioned above, it makes sense to travel by motorcoach. You’ll also be able to enjoy the view and visit with family and friends rather than dealing with traffic on the road. Chances are that you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to have a good time.

4 Reasons to Vacation by Renting a Charter Bus

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Taking a vacation is one of the best experiences a group can share together. Unfortunately, it can be tough to have everyone agree on traveling by automobile or aircraft. It’s understandable that your passengers want to travel while remaining safe. Many people choose to rent a charter bus when a vacation is being planned. Statistics show that the motorcoach industry accounts for 631 million passenger trips each year in the United States and Canada. Here are four benefits of traveling by charter bus.

  1. Not Having to Stress Over Directions

    One of the most stressful parts of traveling is learning new directions. You’ll find that traveling stress becomes worse when you add in a group of people. The last thing you want during a vacation is to have members of your group arguing about directions. Certain cities are known for having drivers that aren’t exactly masters of road etiquette. No travel guest wants to deal with busy highways filled with potentially rude drivers. Charter bus rentals allow you and your group to travel without ever having to check a map.
  2. Everyone in Your Groups Stays Together

    Another stressful situation while traveling with a group is losing one of them. Driving to a new state means finding yourself in unfamiliar territory. If you plan on driving during busy hours, you can expect traffic. It’s nearly impossible for a group to stay together while traveling to a new city by car, especially during peak traffic hours. If you rent a charter bus for your next trip, everyone in your group is able to safely stay together.
  3. Cost Savings

    A reason that many people choose not to travel is due to the costs associated with a vacation. You don’t want to spend a large portion of your travel budget on airplane tickets and constantly refueling. Many people choose to rent a charter bus for the immense cost savings. In addition, traveling by charter bus is very helpful for the environment. Statistics show that traveling by charter bus can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 tons, if done annually. A charter bus emits the lowest carbon dioxide per mile when compared to single occupant filled automobiles.
  4. Traveling With Amenities

    If you and your group are traveling by car, everyone will be focusing on the road. You’ve likely gotten everyone together for a vacation to enjoy their company. You’ll find it hard to have pleasant conversations while on a cramped airplane. Traveling by charter bus allows your group to have plenty of things to do while safely getting to your destination. Many charter buses are equipped with temperature control, wireless internet, plugins for electronics and much more.

In closing, there are several important benefits of charter bus travel. No one needs to worry about learning directions while traveling on a charter bus. These buses are driven by professionals who safely transport people all over the nation. A charter bus allows everyone to stay in a group while traveling together. Traveling together lets everyone talk and spend time in one place while on the road. In many cases, traveling by charter bus saves money when compared to other forms of group travel. You’ll find that you and your guests will love the amenities found within a typical charter bus. Many people continue to utilize a charter bus to get to their next vacation destination.

Planning the Perfect Cabin Camping Trip

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The good thing about camping in a campground with cabins is that you can camp any time of the year. Most campground with cabin locations has running water, electricity, and heat. Choosing a campground with cabin rentals is also a great way to explore a new area. You don?t have to worry about the unpredictable weather or the unknown local terrain. Some of the best cabin rentals are in the following places.

Cabin rentals in Michigan
The state of Michigan is in the Midwest and has all four seasons. Right now, Michigan is transitioning into fall and it can be a beautiful sight. The leaves are changing colors and you can get a true fall camping experience with cabins in Michigan. Although the weather drops down a little in the evenings, it does not get too cold. In fact, it is actually the perfect weather to sit around a campfire, making smores and telling stories. If the fall chill is too much for you, you have your cabin rental to go back into.

Cabins rentals in New York
New York is not often known for camping. It is known for its busy downtown city with many restaurants and clubs. However, the state of New York can also be very beautiful as a camping setting. Cabins in New York give you the ability to see the other side of New York, a side that not many know. Additionally, you are in close proximity to the busy city and if you want, you can spend a day shopping and dining. After your busy day in the city, you can head back to your quiet campground and comfortable cabin in the woods. Camping in New York is also perfect for the busy New York family that needs a break from the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

Cabin rentals in Florida
What if your camping trip included tropical paradise? You don?t have to break the bank to take a vacation to Florida. Cabin rentals Florida put you close to the beach and allow you to participate in the same warm weather activities you would if you had paid for an expensive hotel resort. Additionally, many campground with cabin locations in Florida are located either directly on, or nearby the beach. You can have your toes in the sand, within minutes. With 87% of campers participating in multiple outdoor activities, you will find a good variety of activities in the state of Florida.

Cabin rentals in California
California is known for its laid back and relaxed feel, which makes it the perfect camping destination. You will also find that the cost of hotel and other accommodations in California can be pricey and choosing cabin rentals California is an affordable and exciting way to see the state. Just make sure you plan your California camping trip well in advance, as it tends to be a popular camping destination. Approximately 43% of campers planned their trips at least one month in advance. Because the state has so many forests and beautiful oceanfront views, planning ahead ensures you get the camping experience that you desire.

Campgrounds with cabins offer families a more preferred method of camping. When you rent a cabin, you have more control over your amenities and comfort. Fortunately, you can rent cabins in pretty much any state in the country. Plan your camping trip in the Midwest in Michigan rentals, venture south to Florida cabin rentals, head to the east for some New York camping, or relax in a California campground. With 99% of camping participants saying they were likely or very likely to camp next year, you will have so much fun that you will want to plan another trip before the first one is even over.

A Guide to Traveling Abroad

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There is nothing that people in America love to do more than to travel. This traveling can include business trips, family affairs, camping trips, but most often they pertain to vacations. Now, even when you get into the area of vacations, it is important to know there are plenty of different types of vacations. These vacations can include a family vacation, a couples vacation, or a vacation with some friends. The industry of travel and tourism is one of the largest in the United States and in 2014 it contributed $1.47 trillion to the GDP.

Citizens in the United States love to both travel across the country but they even more so love international travel. People love to see exotic sites and things that are different from what they normally see at home. This leads to sightseeing in Paris, traveling to London, business class airfare to Amsterdam, and many other vacation situations. If you are planning a trip to another nation and wonder what to do in London, then you should follow these tips to traveling abroad.

Traveling abroad has become so popular that even colleges now donate programs and time to students traveling across the world. If you need to know what to do in London then you should make sure you understand what you want out of your trip. Are you looking to get involved in sightseeing? Do you want to know what it feels like to be a normal citizen of London for a week? These are all things when you are trying to figure out what to do in London.

In France, over 70 million tourists visited the City of Light last year and spent about $30 million United States dollars. In 2014, nearly 30.78 million United States citizens traveled overseas. Know that inversely, 4 out of 5 domestic trips which occur in the United States are taken for purposes of leisure, which equates to about 79% of all domestic trips. The 2.2 million enterprises have an estimated number of 12 million employees which goes to show just how important this industry is to America.

Before we talk about the specifics of what to do in London and other foreign countries I will share some stats about how many people travel across the world. The United States Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported today that United States airlines and foreign airlines had an all-time high number of 895.5 million systemwide passengers in 2015. That is an outrageous number of people flying for transportation for trips and vacations.
Ah yes now let’s talk about some clues as to what to do in London and over foreign places. We can compare the top travel activities for domestic travelers and overseas travelers. For domestic travelers, the top five leisure activities include shopping, visiting friends, fine dining, beaches, and visiting relatives. On the other hand for overseas travelers, the top five activities include shopping, fine dining, sightseeing, amusement parks, and national monuments.

In conclusion discovering what to do in London is not difficult at all. All you have to do is follow what most other travelers and tourists do when they visit overseas places. They will spend time sightseeing and visit national monuments which are two of the most popular activities these tourists engage in. Understand that visitors from other countries will come to the most popular locations in America to do basically the same thing. As a matter of fact, the most international visitors went to New York City in 2015 at a total number of 10.13 million people. If you want to know what to do in London then read online, catch up on some monuments, and ask other people who have already visited.

Reasons to Take a Vacation to Tuscany This Year

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Are you planning a honeymoon or special getaway? Planning a trip can feel stressful at times, but it?s all worth it when you?re finally on vacation enjoying yourself. You don?t want to stay inside the walls of your hotel room when you?re on an exciting vacation. Instead, you want to get out and explore all the destination has to offer from restaurants, to activities, to markets, to sights. Whether you?re looking for honeymoon ideas or romantic hotels for a quick getaway, planning ahead can always help make the vacation less stressful and more fun.

Interested in learning about great travel destinations for the best honeymoon spots or a romantic trip with your partner? Keep reading for tips and advice on planning trips, where to go, and what to do while you?re on vacation.

Why Vacationing Is Always a Good Idea

It?s always beneficial to take time off and dedicate some days to a vacation every once in a while. You may feel like you should be at work, taking care of the kids, or worrying about all the tasks you have left to do. Sometimes, you just need to leave it all behind so that you can enjoy yourself. It?s not healthy to stay inside the walls of your home or your office day after day, week after week. You have to take advantage of the good weather, the holiday, or the days you have saved up to take off work and go on a vacation.

In this year, the majority of families are planning to take at least one if not two vacations. 70% of families aren?t letting anything hold them back from getting out there. They aren’t choosing to stay inside the walls of their, according to an AAA Study. It?s not just families who are making a commitment to vacation, explore, and travel more frequently this year, though. Millennials are already committed to the idea of taking time for oneself to get out and experience the world.

In fact, when it comes to spending money on something, millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences. They don?t want to waste their paychecks on material items if they could instead use it to travel and make memories. Around 60% opt for experiences over material items.

Where to Plan Your Next Vacation

If you need some ideas about where to travel next, consider heading to Europe. More specifically, choose to visit Tuscany for your next family trip, your honeymoon, or a romantic getaway with your partner. Tuscany has so much to offer in terms of exploring, experiencing a new culture, and enjoying new sights and foods.

To be more specific, Tuscany is a great travel destination for wine lovers. In 2015, there were more than 3 million hectoliters of wine produced in Tuscany. Italy, as a whole, ranks number one for producing wine out of any other country. In 2015, more than 15% of wine was distributed from Italy.

No matter if you want to visit a few vineyards on your time or you want to get the full experience and take a wine tour to see how wine is produced, Tuscany has the opportunity waiting for you. In addition to vineyards and wine tastings, you can get out and explore the sights in Tuscany and Italy. From old cities, to the countryside, to the seaside, Italy has it all. Everyone in your family will be pleased with the different options for activities and experiences, and your whole family will love all the food they get to enjoy on this trip. No one will want to stay inside the walls of the hotels in Italy.

Visiting a different country, like Italy, also gives you exposure to new cultures and new experiences that you won’t necessarily get on every vacation you take. It’s a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy something new.

Do you already have an upcoming vacation planned that you are excited about? If not, do you think you?ll ever plan a vacation to visit Tuscany? Let us know in the comments about your experiences traveling in the country and abroad.

Factors to Consider When Looking to Buy a House in Hawaii

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Hawaii is one of the top destination for vacations. It’s rich in culture and it has most of the beautiful beaches and scenery in the world. It’s estimated that in 2014, about 8.2 million people visited Hawaiian islands. Due to the high flux of tourist and vacationers in this area, real estate sector has continued to grow with many people buying houses in different parts of Hawaii. Whether you are looking for a vacation home or a second home, Hawaii real estate offers you a wide range condos and villas to choose from.

Owning a home is something that most people aspire to achieve. Not only does it bring a sense of freedom and pride, but it also saves you money than renting. Waikoloa village is one great option in Hawaii you could look at. This is home to about 6,400 people, according to 2010 census report. It’s proximity to the beaches makes it perfect for people looking to own beach houses. Therefore, if you are looking to own a house in this area, it’s advisable that you first understand the market to find the right house at a reasonable rate.

Below are some of the factors you need to consider before investing in Waikoloa real estate.

Before you even think of pre-visiting the variety of Waikoloa villas for sale, you need to know how much you are willing and able to spend. This is very important especially if you are thinking of taking a loan to finance the house. Understand the different types of loan options available and consult experts who can help you secure a loan with much ease.

Since Waikoloa village homes vary from street by street, you’ll need to find a local lender who’s conversant with the area to ensure you get value for money on your investment.

By the end of the day, it’s your interests and needs that matter most. What sort of neighborhoods are you interested in? How much secure is that place? Does the place reflect your lifestyle? These are just some of the personal factors you need to analyze before buying a house. Create the life you want by choosing a place that you feel more comfortable in.

Talk to real estate agents
There are numerous Waikoloa villas for sale and a majority of them have Realtors. These are the people you need to talk to first while in the process of buying a house. It’s through the experience with the realtor that you can determine how your decision to buy a house will turn out. Find someone who’s experienced to take you through the process without any issues.

Finally, you can comfortably begin your search. During house haunting you’ll find multiple offers. Carefully consider them based on what you really want and your budget of course. Don’t rush into anything until you are certain. In addition, you can look at Waikoloa villas for sale listings and see if you can find something that interests you.

Three Destinations for a Local Horse Carriage Ride

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Charleston is a city that attracts many visitors every single year. You might be unaware of a great way to get around this beautiful city. Horse drawn carriage rides allow you and your guests to obtain great views of Charleston. Many tourists prefer horse drawn carriage rides to have a relaxing ride through a new city. In this post, you will learn about three great destinations for a Charleston horse carriage ride.

  • Riley Waterfront Park

    Many people love taking horse carriage tours to this wonderful park. Riley Waterfront Park is filled with beautiful green space with amazing coastline views. You will love spending a day outdoors at this beautiful park. Horse carriage rides available near this park will ensure guests are only minutes away from a sprawling downtown area. One study finds that 37% of families report that vacations make all of them happy which makes it the most preferred activity for happiness.
  • White Point Gardens

    This location features museums and historical sites relating to the Civil War. Those who aren’t interested in wartime history will enjoy the beautiful views. White Point Gardens is a large park that is made up of nearly six acres of beautiful scenery.
  • Middleton Place

    A great destination for horse drawn carriage rides is Middleton Place. This location features architecture and design that comes from the 17th century. You will feel like you have stepped back in time while walking through these amazing gardens. One study shows that 42% of tourists feel more romantic while they are on vacation. Middleton Place is a great romantic destination that horse drawn carriage rides commonly visit.

In closing, Charleston is a beautiful city that is filled with many sights to see. Horse drawn carriage rides are amazing methods of transportation for visitors. These rides offer guests an unrivaled look at the beautiful city of Charleston. This city is filled with many wonderful sights to see. You will want to ensure you get a chance to spend time at Riley Waterfront Park. White Point Gardens features a historical look at significant events in the history of Charleston. Middleton Place is a destination perfect for horse drawn carriage rides. Charleston is an amazing and vibrant city that you and your guests are sure to love.

4 Reasons You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Taken a Swamp Tour

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Are you looking for an adventure that you’ll never forget? Perhaps you’re bored with the run-of-the-mill outdoor activities like hiking or camping. Maybe you’re thinking of going skydiving. That will get the adrenaline pumping, but the survival rate of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is less than appealing. Perhaps you would love an adventure like white water rafting or kayaking… but perhaps you want to kick it up a notch. Well hold on to your seat, we’re about to blow your mind grapes.

Have you ever thought of taking a swamp tour? Taking a swamp tour is like taking a fun kayak tour, but on steroids. Instead of just cruising along a seen-one-ya-seen-them-all river, you’re kayaking through a freaking swamp. And if kayaking isn’t your thing, swamp tours come in all shapes and sizes, including motor boats that require zero effort from you. Are you on board with our swamp tour idea? If not, here are a couple reasons to come to the swamp side:

  1. Getting up close and personal with Mother Nature is cathartic.
    The sun in your face. The wind in your hair. The sound of birds chirping in your ears (possibly moments before the jaws of an alligator snap shut on it! We’ll cover that part in a minute). Being in the great outdoors is good for your mind, body, and soul.

    When you take a swamp tour, you get to get yourself right in the thick of Mother Nature. As you coast along down the swampland and bask in the glory of the Planet Earth in all its glory, it’s absolutely impossible to stress about the responsibilities that you carry at the office. Who cares if your house is a mess, nature is purring all around you. The sunshine glowing on your face makes your stress melt away.

    We’ll throw this in for free. We’re talking about all swamp tours, not specifically kayaking tours… However, if you do tour the swamp via kayak, you’re incorporating physical fitness into your experience. Exercise produces endorphin’s that make you feel happy. Excercise in nature produces extra feel good vibes and is doubly great for you.
  2. Experience animals that aren’t your average bear.
    Y’all. Swamp creatures are weird. You might come across big ol’ hairy wild boars. You might birds and fish that you just can’t find elsewhere. And you might will see alligators. Maybe huge alligators. Alligators the size of a grown man.

    If it’s adrenaline that you want from your outdoor adventure, it’s hard to get your adrenaline pumping faster and harder than getting up close and personal with the alligator that took Captain Hook’s hand (wait.. was that a crocodile?). The creatures that you’ll come across on a swamp tour are the kinds of critters that you’ll enjoy telling your friends about at every dinner party you’re invited to for the rest of your life.

  3. Learn something new.

    The thing about going on a swamp tour is the tour part. Someone guides your boat and tells you what you’re looking at. What might look like murky water with some weeds popping out might actually be the home of dozens of species. Maybe you’re floating past ravenous piranhas. Getting to see the swamp with a guide who knows the swamplands like the back of their hand gives you the chance to gain a greater appreciation for an area you might not have thought about before.

  4. Where else will you ever get to hold a baby alligator?

    Many swamp tours don’t just show you the swamp. Some of them let you hold it in your own two hands. If you can’t imagine looking at an alligator out in its natural habitat, we bet that actually holding a baby alligator in your own hands would be the epitome of adventure your book; it is in ours. If holding a wild swamp creature is on you bucket list, taking a tour of a swamp is the way to go.

    Side Note: We add this point with an asterisk. Not all swamp tours give you a baby alligator to hold. If it’s a deal-breaker to you, your homework and make sure the one you sign you for a swamp tour that offers this.

  5. Questions? Please share in the comment section below!

How Camping Every Year Can Bring Your Family Together Like Never Before

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What do people like to do on family camping trips? It definitely doesn’t hurt to start with asking how you can make yours a success, as camping under the open stars and hiking are some of the most beloved activities enjoyed by Americans of all shapes and sizes. When you’re unsure how to go about planning your unique weekend, just take a gander at what everyone else has been doing for years. You’ll find there are plenty of enjoyable places to start, from choosing a camp resort to selecting a few invigorating hobbies to really sink your teeth into. Even if you’re a newcomer to the world of camping or a homebody that prefers to read or watch movies, take a glance below to learn how this summer can offer something new for you.

How Many People Camp In America?

Some people camp once in a while. Some families camp every single year without fail. Wherever you land on the spectrum, you’re sure to find plenty of like-minded folk to join you on your quest to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Data provided by the 2014 American Camper Report saw 40 million Americans (or 14%) of the country’s population over the age of six camping just the previous year. That’s a lot of people! But why does everyone like to camp so much?

What Attracts People To The Great Outdoors?

What’s appealing about the great outdoors? It’s a smaller list to ask what isn’t! The United States is home to some of the most brilliant mountain ranges, forests and lakes around the world. People from all over come to the country to soak in its legendary landscapes and view its monuments, creating memories that truly stand the test of time. The simple act of camping has been found to be the number one motivation for taking a trip, with 45% of adults in a recent survey saying they camped because they just love it!

What Other Aspects Of Camping Do People Enjoy?

Camping is fun. It’s great exercise. It offers many people, particularly those who work inside, a means of getting sweaty and dirty under the open sky. Most of all? People camp to spend time with family and friends. Over 12% of adult participants originally started camping with their immediate family, while even more said they prefer to take friends along with them for the ride. Family camping trips are a great way to get fit, let loose and, most of all, catch up with loved ones.

What Campground Amenities Should I Look Out For?

Family camping trips are endlessly more comfortable with additional camping amenities. These can include washrooms for your convenience, a safe campfire to warm your hands and marked trails for safety. Camping participants, whether they stayed in a tent or an RV, have been found to spend a collective two weeks camping every year. Do you want to stay for the weekend? How about a full week? This will help you decide what you need when planning your trip.

Any Other Tips To Help Me Plan The Ultimate Camping Trip?

The vast majority of campers in a recent survey said they’re planning an average of four trips per year. When you think about it…why not? Camping is a brilliant recreational activity that brings people together and encourages a more harmonious relationship with the environment Over 90% of camping participants in an additional study said they were either ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to go camping the next year. Add a new routine to your family dynamic and consider adding family campgrounds to your list of must-haves every summer. Your friends, mental health and wallet will thank you!

How Many Days Until Your Family Vacation Starts?

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The road trip begins.
With the car fully loaded, including kids, luggage, and snacks, your family of five is heading off for family vacation. Last summer you let everyone’s schedules get in the way, but this summer you asked everyone to pencil in the five days on their calendars. Your high school daughter is the one who is the most notorious for filling her schedule to the brim, so you involved her in the planning of this trip. You correctly assumed that if she was invested in the planning she would be even more excited for the actual travel. You were right.
When it finally came time to leave for the adventure, your teenage daughter was the first in the car. She did even seem to care where she sat. Armed with information about museums and zip lining, your teenager admitted that she was anxious to be away for a few days. Away from the hectic schedule of her athletic practices and her part time job. Away from the stress of the summer before her senior year in high school. It was as if she, like both you and your husband, finally realized that these times would be gone too fast. As she spent time showing the plans for both indoor and outdoor activities to her younger brother and sister, she embraced the chance to be the big sister again. She was not weary of being a driver for these two, she was looking forward to being their tour guide on a trip that she had helped plan.
Family Vacations Can Include Museums, Local Restaurants, and Outdoor Adventures
You only have to spend a few minutes scrolling through your social media feed to know that it is family vacation season. From photos of kids posing by the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore to pictures of entire families white water rafting, the summer months when school is out of session can be busy. If you find yourself looking for things to do, in fact, your social media site can give you ideas. Once you have an idea, however, you might challenge yourself to disconnect with your technology and reconnect with your children.
In today’s digital world, it can sometimes be just as difficult to get the parents to disconnect as it is the children. The fact that museums around the country, for instance, now have rules about selfie sticks is an indicator of just how much our digital habit has infiltrated the rest of our lives. And while every family likely wants photos of their vacation, it is just as important to enjoy the experience as it is to document the moment.
Travel time is important to families. Where will your net adventure take you?

  • Finding an activity that the whole family can enjoy should be the goal when you are on vacation. for some families, horse riding is the answer. For instance, an estimated 7 million people ride horses each year in the U.S.
  • Approximately 37% of families indicate that vacations make them happy, making it the activity that makes families the most happy.
  • Many museums are so well created that they might do well to eliminate the name that used to refer to places where you looked at boring exhibits. Today’s museums are designed to attract to all five senses and visitors of every age.
  • Instead of staying in hotels, nearly 12% of all American adults, a percentage that represents 25 million people, went camping in the year 2015.
  • Life at the beach is a great vacation idea. Perhaps this is the reason that so many families plan trips to Florida, a place where you are never more than 60 miles from the beach.
  • Yearly estimates from 2013 indicate that campers traveled an average distance of 186.7 miles for their camping trips.

  • The tourism industry has an economic impact of $67 billion in the state of Florida alone.
  • In a national survey, 33% of Americans indicated that they ride bicycles for recreation.
  • Making time for a family vacation is increasingly difficult for some families who are tied to hectic athletic practice schedules, volunteer commitments, and work. These trips, however, are important for families.
  • Every trip you take with family is an opportunity to make more memories to last a lifetime.