Benefits Of Traveling By Charter Bus

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For as long as there’s been transportation, there’s been some form of busing system.

In the 1820s, horse drawn buggies were in use. In England in the 1830s, steam-powered buses provided regular intercity bus services.

Today, bus travel is popular than ever. Motorcoaches account for more than 750,000 annual passenger trips, transporting more people than commercial airlines in some years. There are six times as many bus terminals as there are intercity rail terminals and five times as many motor coach terminals nationwide as there are airports.

Whether you’re chartering a trip to a family reunion, going on vacation or going on a sightseeing tour, charter bus rentals and motorcoach rentals can be a big help and there are many benefits to bus travel.

Fuel efficiency

Charter bus rentals and motorcoach rentals are a good option for travelers because today’s buses are very fuel efficient. Motorcoaches provide 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. This is a highe

How Taking a Bus Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Charter bus tours michigan

Charter buses are a great way to lower one’s carbon foot print and get to one’s destination in the most fun way possible, other than jetpack (maybe one day). How does a chartered bus accomplish this? By removing the need for a large group of people to take multiple cars. The trip is all the better when all the passengers have a shared interest in the destination.

Comfort On Board a Bus.

Some people may travel comfortably on a bus, more so than in their own vehicle. A charter bus is much different than the yellow school buses of our youth. The most obvious difference is apparent immediately upon boarding. Plush, padded seats that can recline make the ride comfortable. These types of buses are also outfitted with a small bathroom, making them convenient for both longer trips and for transporting elderly passengers.

How Taking a Bus Reduces Your Carbon Footprint.

A charter bus fully loaded with passengers can remove up to 55 automobiles from the highway. This reduces emissions, traffic congestion, and excessive energy use. Charter buses are actually three times more efficient at reducing carbon dioxide emissions than commuter trains or intracity transit buses. It can be difficult to remember how green this form of travel is when reclining in the cool air-conditioned cabin while watching a movie.

Who Takes Whom On a Chartered Bus?

Just over 50% of charter bus passengers are either students or senior citizens in a tour group, as evidenced by one 2012 statistic. Of course, the other 49% are adults and young adults on trips. A bus may very well be the best option for getting around in a few specific cases. Designating one friend as the sober one, or trying to find a cab past a certain time can put a damper on festivities. The stress and possible arguments can be avoided by booking a bus beforehand. That way transportation to and from the destination is covered and confirmed.

A charter bus is not the first option most people consider when planing a group trip. But it can be a great way to practice one’s green living and travel comfortably. They also have the added benefit of insuring everyone arrives on time., no excuses.