Workers Who Get Vacation Time Are Healthier Than Those Who Don’t Choosing A Good Condo


Vacation rentals

Are you looking up vacation condo rentals for your next week off from work? Oceanfront condos have become one of the most popular destinations for workers and students in dire need of a little leisure time, with sunny beaches and good food just some of the perks available. When constant work and stress can leave a significant impact on your physical and mental health, the benefits of taking time off have only continued to be explored and studied in mainstream America. Next time you get a summer vacation or another paid week off from work, consider pulling up a list of rental options to make the most out of your free time.

How Are American Vacations?

Vacation time varies greatly depending on the country and culture in question. While nearly half of all Americans take a summer vacation at the least, the United States still sees some of the lowest paid vacation days and sick days worldwide. As such, it’s incredibly important to get in the rest and relaxation you need to recharge from busy workweek after busy workweek. Countries like France, for example, gives its workers three or four paid weeks off from work.

Why Do People Need Vacations?

Managing a full-time job while juggling a social life, child rearing and schooling is an incredibly taxing process. Without proper vacation time once in a while, people can burn out physically and emotionally in the long-term. Studies have shown workers who have consistent vacation and sick days perform better than those who don’t, with significantly less depression and sickness rates to boot. Beach condos, to put it simply, can cure what ails you!

What Are The Most Popular Vacation Spots?

It can be daunting trying to choose vacation condo rentals with so many options at your disposal, so let’s narrow it down with a few fun facts. Did you know that Hawaii is still considered the top dream vacation destination for both Generation X and Generation Y groups? That’s a whopping 72% for each population! Direct spending on leisure travel, by both domestic and international travelers, has reached over $645 billion as of 2014. This helps stimulate both local and international economic growth and provides tens of thousands of people with stable work.

How Does Vacation Time Help The Economy?

Aside from the aforementioned emotional and physical benefits for workers of all shapes and sizes, vacation time can stimulate the economy by providing various sectors with the work they need to thrive. The average daily rate of the American hotel industry, for example, has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. Disney has generated over $14 billion alone from its parks and resorts! With this knowledge in your back pocket, you can rest even easier knowing you’re helping others as they help you.

How Do People Travel?

Choosing your vacation condo rentals is one thing, but traveling is another! The vast majority of summer trips are done by vehicle, at 91%, while air and train are 7% and 2%, respectively. Vehicles are cheaper and are perfect for traveling locally, while air and train are usually chosen for longer trips (both distance and relaxation-wise). The most important concerns of travelers when choosing a transportation method has been studied in multiple extensive surveys — the biggest issue is losing credit cards or travel documents, at 25%, while getting sick and losing luggage follows at 24% and 15%.

Which Vacation Condo Rentals Should I Choose?

When choosing vacation rentals it’s important to analyze your budget, the time you want to spend there and, most importantly, what this trip means to you. Do you need some time to unwind and hang out with friends? Are you looking for a quiet and peaceful place to get some hobbies done? Do you just want to lounge around with a good beer? Answering these questions will help you better choose your traveling option and the beach condo rentals that suit you best. So, where are you thinking of vacationing this spring or summer?