Are You Preparing for a Visit to New York City?


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It was not your typical trip to the big city, but that does not mean it was any less planned.
The four family members each had one specific thing they wanted to do:
Brooklyn Bridge The father wanted to visit the bridge that he had read about in David McCullough’s book. As the family walked back and forth across the bridge that was first built nearly 150 years ago, the father shared all kinds of information that he had learned about the structure. Noting that the achievement took 13 years to build, at the time it was built it was the largest suspension bridge in the world.
Broadway Show Although it has been showing for many years, the youngest daughter was anxious to see Wicked. Fueled by her high school involvement in choir, show choir, band, and orchestra, she was looking forward to her first Broadway show. You skimped on some meals during the week so that you could spring for really good seats.
Tour the City The mom did not have anything specific that she wants to see, she simply wanted to experience the New York that she had read about in books and seen in movies. The Staten Island Ferry, the Statue of Liberty, and the museums and galleries made for fun stops and even better pictures.
Big City Shopping The oldest daughter said that she would be content to let some of her shopping be of the window watching variety, but she really wanted to experience the big name stores as well as the unique boutiques. In search of both bargains and something she could not find at home, she truly enjoyed the four story clothing stores and the smaller shops. Ever the wise shopper, she left with arms full of bargains and a couple more expensive, but special purchases.
Making the Decision to Tour the City of New York Can be a Grand Adventure
One of the best things about traveling to visit a large city is that it is not necessary to have a car. From taking the Staten Island Ferry in and out of the city to taking a charter bus tour to see all of the cities big sites, New York City is an example of a city that does not require a rental car. Single day bus tours allow visitors to see several sites in one outing. With prepurchased tickets that often allow bus travelers to avoid the long lines that the general public stands in, scheduled tours help visitors tour the city efficiently. Although it is sometimes fun to wander about without an agenda, visiting a large city like New York City takes some planning as well. If visitors do not want to take scheduled bus tours, getting tips from others who have visited and talking to locals and hotel personnel can be helpful.
Consider these local recommendations before making the decision to tour the city of New York:
When traveling between Staten Island and the theater district, visitors can meander around Battery Park, where there is a free Native American Museum across the street. They can also travel up the east side and between 14th and 34th streets is the High Line Park. I was originally built on an old elevated train trestle and it is a lovely little place where New York locals go for afternoon dates and quiet walks. Although there may not be many flowers during the colder months, there are many nearby places to eat.
While visitors travel uptown to the theater district they can also visit Bryant Park, which is at the intersection of 6th Avenue and 42nd Street. The enormous public library has ice skating, cafes, and snacks outside. Visitors can rent skates for as little as $14. Additionally, the incredibly beautiful library often has free art exhibits.
Another interesting location to visit is the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood just north and west of Times Square. This is another area with a variety of food offered at local restaurants.
Visiting a city as large as New York is challenging. Whether you decide to take a local bus tour or follow local advice, you will likely find far more to do than what can be visited in a few days.