6 Tips to Having the Best Time on Your Family Camping Vacation

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Americans love taking camping vacations. The camping industry brought in more than $5 billion in 2013. At least 40.1 million people in the United States went camping in 2013. That is nearly 14% of the country;s population. This is according to the 2014 American Camper Report. Most people, who like to camp, were introduced to it when they were young. At least 57% of these people went on their first camping vacation when they were kids. For people, who are not fans of the activity, only 25% ever participated in it as children. Planning your camping trip is a part of the fun and an important part of the process. At least 43% of people who take this kind of vacation will spend at least a month planning their trip. From finding the right vacation rentals to bringing the right gear, there are ways to make your experience much better.

  1. Make your children’s first camping trip a short one. Look for vacation rentals and campground that are not that far from where you live. Some people will do a dry run in their back yard, to get children used to sleeping somewhere besides their beds. If you are looking at cabin rentals, this may not have the impact you are looking for but planning a three day weekend at a campground with cabins for rent may be a good way to get your kids’ camping toes wet, so to speak. It is easier to plan a fun and short trip than a long one.
  2. Get the right kid friendly vacation spot. Talk to your family about what activities they are going to want to try and engage in when they are out on your camping vacation. Different vacation rentals offer different kinds of fun and family friendly activities. If you know your kids love to do things in the water, you should find a spot near a lake or river.
  3. Ask about the amenities. Often when you go camping, there are certain conveniences that you have at home that may not be available. One such amenity is a working toilet. That may be find for some families and not so fine for others. If you children have just become potty trained, you may still have their potty that you can bring with you. If you have anyone in your family who will not do without certain amenities, you should make sure your campground can offer them.
  4. Bring the right stuff. You will need to bring a lot of sunscreen. Few things can derail a fun, family camping vacation like a bad sunburn. Remember that you need to apply it often throughout the day. When you are doing things in the water or are sweating a lot, even waterproof sunscreen will wash off when you are active. As a corollary, you should put some aloe vera (some products will have lidocaine, which is a topical anesthetic so you should get that) to help anyone in your group who does get a sunburn on your trip.
  5. Plan all of your meals. Hungry campers are the opposite of happy campers. Most people who enjoy camping like to do a number of different activities. From hiking to swimming and canoeing, you will use a lot more calories when you are on your camping trip than when you are at home. Plan for three meals and some healthy snacks. You can do some of the cooking work at home. For instance, you can partially cook your potatoes and chop veggies. This prep work will make your vacation more fun. You should also have more water with you than you think you will need. By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated so make sure you have enough water for everyone.
  6. Plan for bad weather. No matter how well you plan, you may have rain. Bring games and fun things to keep everyone occupied. Do not let everyone retreat to use their mobile devices. Social media will be there when your vacation is over.

From looking at the right vacation rentals to planning fun activities, you can have a great family vacation when you camp.

In Flight Entertainment Options Can Increase Customer Satisfaction and Relaxation

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In-seat usb sytems

College gymnastics meet in Anchorage, Alaska.
High school show choir competition in Nashville, Tennessee.
High school orchestra workshop and performance in Chicago, Illinois.
College gymnastics nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah.
President’s Club sales conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Traveling is a part of most American’s lives, but this year is a little out of the ordinary. Five trips within less than seven weeks has made for a hectic schedule. And while you are excited that your husband has earned the President’s Club trip at work for the first year he was eligible, you had to laugh that the trip was going to be another time that you would need to pack your bags and fly in this season of every weekend trips that have become exhausting.
Even though you were dreading the last flight on your schedule, it turns out that it was a good thing that this flight was the last. For while you were always searching for the cheapest flights when you were paying for the tickets yourself, the President’s Club trip was arranged by the company’s travel coordinator. Instead of finding the least expensive flight, the travel coordinator booked you and your husband in a first class cabin on a fairly new jet. That flight, you could say, spoiled you for coach travel. You had never really paid any attention to aircraft interior products, but as both your husband and the flight attendant, who was only serving the first class passengers, pointed out all of the amenities, it was hard not to be impressed.
How Many Trips Do You Take a Year?
We travel by car. We travel by plane. We travel by bus. We travel by train.
Some people travel so much, in fact, that they find themselves constantly coming and going. For the most frequent travelers, comfort matters. Although people who travel infrequently may be willing to put up with uncomfortable and crowded seating, the constant traveler is more discerning. airlines that cater to these travelers who make trips several times a month make decisions that focus on comfort.
Understanding the habits and desires of travelers makes selecting aircraft interior products more specific. A slightly wider seat, for instance, can lead to the comfort of a passenger who might be more inclined to book more flights with that airline. The addition of the latest inflight entertainment systems can also add to the comfort of travelers of all ages. Additionally, in seat power outlets and in seat USB power choices are popular modifications that are being made to many aircraft interior products. Aircraft display systems can help passengers track the progress of the flight and monitor arrival times.
Different passengers have different preferences, but these facts and figures tell the story of passenger habits and their use of various aircraft interior products and seat space:

  • 41% of airline passengers indicate that they like to watch movies when they fly.
  • 21% of airline passengers indicate that they like to read when they fly.
  • 17% of airline passengers indicate that they like to sleep when they fly.
  • 25% of respondents indicate that they would choose one airline over another if it offered WiFi, according to TripAdvisor’s 2013 Air Travel Survey.
  • 37% of respondents indicate that they consider an iPad or tablet a carry-on essential, according to TripAdvisor’s 2013 Air Travel Survey. This percentage shows a 5% increase from 2012.
  • 56% of respondents indicate that they are using smartphones for flight status alerts, according to TripAdvisor’s 2013 Air Travel Survey. This percentage represents a 10% increase from 2012.
  • 8 million people fly, on average, every single day.
  • Surpassing the 3 billion mark for the first time ever, the 2013 total passenger numbers were 3.1 billion.
  • 78% of domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes.
  • Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $2.5 billion a day. This translates into $105.8 million an hour; $1.8 million a minute; and $29,398 a second.
  • $644.9 billion was directly spent on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers in the year 2014.
  • With a score of 4.48 out of five, Emirates was considered to have the best inflight entertainment, according to eDreams worldwide 2014 reviews.

Have you booked tickets for your next trip? Will the inflight amenities determine what airline you select?

How To Plan The Perfect Summer Family Camping Vacation

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Don’t let the cold get you down. Summer is right around the corner! Planning for a fun family vacation is one of the most enjoyable processes the average American family goes through while the snow’s still falling, with a plethora of beautiful and fun options to choose from the country over. Where should you get started with planning out your next great summer vacation? Take a glance at the list below to learn a little more about splash parks, camping methods and financial tips to ensure your get-together is a success.

How Often Do Americans Camp?

Worried about your available options? Worry no more! The recent 2014 American Camper Report saw a stunning 40 million Americans (that’s 14% of the entire country’s population over the age of six) camping the previous year. Because of this ever increasing number campgrounds, water parks and resorts alike are always expanding their accommodations to match any family’s goals and budget. Another camping study by the American Camper Report showed a whopping 99% of participants saying they were either likely over very likely to camp the next year.

What Are Popular Camping Activities?

There’s no need to fret about what to do when you get there. There’s plenty of good weather and fun ideas to go around! Spring of 2008 saw the number of people who went either backpacking or hiking within the last 12 months amounting to nearly 30 million across the country — by the time 2014 rolled around there were nearly 40 million people who had been actively hiking and backpacking within the last year.

Why Do People Love Camping?

Camping is a brilliant way of enjoying the great outdoors, appreciating the weather, getting fit and spending time with loved ones. Studies have shown nearly 14% of adult participants camping to specifically spend more time with their families, with additional studies showing people more inclined to bring friends along for the ride than go solo. The year 2011 saw family camping vacations remaining the most popular choices for American families — they spent nearly 535 million days collectively that very year, with trends suggesting this number will remain constant for decades to come.

Where Do People Prefer To Camp?

Not sure where to camp? Take a look at the most popular preferences. The majority of camping (at about 70%) is done in public campgrounds, although classic tents and RVs are still much beloved as a more classic choice — good camping amenities are a deal breaker for those who want as much comfort as possible on their trip. Splash parks, in particular, combine the fun of summer with the traditional methods of camping for a combination that everyone is sure to enjoy. Over 80% of campers participated in multiple outdoor activities while on their vacation and the overwhelming majority of surveyed campers plan an average of five trips.

How Should I Prepare?

Before you start camping you should make sure you’re covered when it comes to camping amenities. Basic equipment such as matches, flares, flashlights, sunscreen and bug spray should be well-stocked to make sure you’re safe and secure for every single day you’re at your designated summer campgrounds or local tent site. When it comes to fun camping amenities consider supplementing your trip with a pool or a splash park to up the wow factor for everyone involved. Camping is a wonderful way of spending your summer — taking a little time now to plan will go a long way in creating a hit season.

What You Need to Know About Chartering a Bus

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If you have a group and you are planning a trip, whether it is out of town, around town or to an event, you may not know how to get everyone where they need to go. That is where chartered buses come in. You have a lot of options open to you but few modes of transportation have the benefits of going this route. Here are just a few:

  1. Your entire group can travel together. Unlike other forms of travel, such as by individual cars, chartering a bus will let everyone travel together. It does not matter if you are sending your staff to a corporate event, have an after school club trip to plan or taking all your friends to a ball game, charter buses for rent may be the way to go. When it comes to buses, no one has to be left behind. Not only that, but you can all have a good time getting to your destination and getting back.
  2. New chartered buses are fun of fun amenities. When most people think of this kind of transportation, they have an outdated view of a bus. They think of an old, clunky and uncomfortable ride. That is no longer what the experience is like. Today, most are equipped with WiFI, televisions, DVD players, large comfortable seats and clean restrooms.
  3. The buses are dependable. Bus companies’ reputations are based on a number of things and one of them is how well they keep up their vehicles. When people all drive their own cars and trucks, there is always the chance that something will go wrong and one of the vehicles will break down. This is not something you have to worry about when you charter a bus.
  4. It is a more relaxing ride. When everyone is going in their own vehicles, everyone has to fight traffic. If you are all going by plane, there are a lot of stress factors there. You have to deal with checking in and the security lines. When you charter a bus, you do not have to worry about ay of that. You also do not have to worry that, if people do have luggage, it will get lost as you travel from one place to another. All of your bags will be traveling along with you. This kind of travel is about as stress free as possible.
  5. You are being good to the environment when you charter a bus. When people think of travel by bus, most do not think of green travel but it is. In terms of CO2 emissions, charter buses are the most efficient way to travel. In terms of gas mileage, they get 206.6 passenger miles to the gallon (MPG). When you compare that to 92.4 passenger MPG for commuter rail, 44 passenger MPG for airplanes and 27.2 for personal vehicles (that would be 46 for a hybrid), you can see how much better for the environment it is to travel by charter bus.
  6. You can go on your own schedule. The only other way that is as flexible is to have everyone in your group drive their own car. When you travel by plane or train, you have to go by the schedule that is set up by someone else. The flexibility is not just in the schedule, however, when you charter a bus, you can go where you want to go as well.
  7. Travel by bus is less expensive. When you are traveling with a group, the affordability of travel by bus just cannot be beat. It is much cheaper than flying or taking a train. The cost is also lower than when people travel in their own vehicles.
  8. It is safe. The more people are going and taking their own cars, the more chances there are for someone to get into an accident. When you rent a charter bus, you have a professional driver who will be the one to worry about traffic and everything else. If anyone does any drinking along the way, you do not have to worry about accidents or DUIs that may come as a consequence.

Planning a trip for a big group can be stressful but can be easier with a charter bus.

Affordable Across Country Honeymoon Travel With Motor Coaches

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Wifi on a bus

Planning a honeymoon can be an overwhelming task. This will be the opportunity that you and your new spouse have to relax from the stress of planning a wedding. It will also be an important memory in the first week of your long marriage. There are many options for honeymoon travel and although many dream of traveling across the country, this is not a realistic plan for many couples with budget concerns. Ditch the local travel for your honeymoon and consider a charter bus rental for affordable across country travel.

Extremely affordable
Using a charter bus company for your travels is one of the most affordable modes of travel today. You will find that you save so much money on transportation costs that you are able to participate in many of your honeymoon desired activities. Motor coaches account for a mere 6 cents in federal subsidies per passenger trip, while public transit cost 77 cents per passenger trip, commercial air carriers cost $4.32 per passenger trip, and Amtrak costs $46.06 in taxpayer subsidies per passenger trip. This gives you an idea of the costs savings you can receive with cheap charter buses.

Not only is a bus charter affordable, it is also convenient. There are 5 times as many motor coach terminals nationwide as there are airports, and 6 times as many bus terminals as there are intercity rail terminals. Motor coaches travel to every state in the country, and to many of the big name cities. You will have no trouble at all choosing a vacation route that hits all of your required destinations. You will also find that many of the bus terminals are located in tourist attracted cities, for even more convenience.

Interact with other vacationers
Meeting people from all over the country, and possible the world, is one of the most exciting parts of travel. You will meet new friends and share in your honeymoon celebrations with people of all types. Adults and young adults accounted for 49.9% of the passenger trips provided by the motor coach industry in 2012. You may even come across other adults on your across country charter bus trip that are also celebrating their honeymoon!

Some charter bus travelers may be hesitant to travel across country because of fear of discomfort. However, charter bust charters have redesigned their charters with optimal comfort in mind. You will find comfort on board a bus, providing you with enough room for your entire luggage, as well as room to stretch out or cuddle with your new spouse in a comfortable way. Some charter busses even have additional compartments with sleeping or entertainment quarters. Additionally, the buses make many local stops, allowing you to get out and visit many of the countries? best cities.

Wonderful photo opportunities
Your honeymoon will create lasting memories. It will be something that you will share with family and friends for years to come. It is also something that you will remember with your new spouse every wedding anniversary. Photographs can be a great way to show others the exciting local places you had the opportunity to visit. Charter bus companies know the best places to stop and bring its tourists. The charter bus guides will bring you to some of the best local places, allowing you to capture the most memorable of photographs.

Planning a honeymoon can be a daunting task. It is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event that you and your spouse will remember for the rest of your lives. Budget concerns can hinder dream plans. However, when you choose to travel via charter bus, you will find that your trip is more affordable. You will not only have money for other exciting activities, but you will also get to see many of the countries? best sights. You will find the perfect mix of interaction with other motor coach passengers, while also finding alone time with your spouse. Charter bus travel can be one of the most exciting ways of traveling across country, making it the perfect honeymoon plan for adventurous couples.

Are You Planning a Camping Trip for a Celebration for Your Friends?

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You have been planning the trip for months. Although none of you want to admit that you can possible have a college friend who is ready to retire, it is impossible to argue the facts. It is called Rule 85 and your college roommate has achieved it. When she adds the number of years she has taught to her age she reaches the magic number of 85 that allows her to retire with full benefits in the state of Kansas. While the rest of you in your group took some time off for staying home with babies or switching careers, your college roommate has been going to school to teach in a kindergarten classroom every single year. With no more than a few weeks off for maternity leave, your soon to be retired friend even bought back the years when she taught is a different state.
From 32 years of teaching kindergartens in an educational landscape that has seen plenty of changes. And while the rest of you have worked your various jobs, switched your careers, made the transition to part time employment, your retiring friend has made herself available to hundreds of children and families. Although the teaching schedule provides very little flexibility, she will no be able to enjoy a retirement with nothing but freedom. The rest of the gang decided that the best way to celebrate was to have a surprise long weekend at one of the nearby family campgrounds. No technology. No interruptions from family or jobs. You are simply going to celebrate with your first friend to retire.
Even though you are willing to celebrate, however, it does not mean that you are ready to rough it in the sense that many people think of when they hear the phrase family campgrounds. For this camping experience, you have checked numerous family campgrounds for exactly the options that you most want. The shady campsites that you selected from include fully furnished cabins that will allow you to camp without all of the hard work. Oh sure, you can roast marshmellows around the fire pit at night if you want, but you can also decide to stay inside sitting around a cozy, indoor fireplace while sitting on comfy couches and recliners.
Camp Resorts Are Just One Option When You Are Looking for Family Campgrounds Across the Country

Friends and family camping vacations continue to grow in popularity. In fact, research from the 2014 American Camper Report indicates that as many as 40.1 million Americans over the age of six went camping in the year 2013. This means that as many as 14% of the US population enjoyed the opportunity to get closer with nature, break from the stresses of being connected to technology 24/7, and relax to a schedule dictated by nothing more than sunrises and sunsets.
Consider some of these facts about camping and vacationing in America:

  • 87% of campers indicate that they participate in multiple outdoor activities.
  • 186.7 miles is the average distance campers travel for their camping trips.
  • 47% of adult participants camped just because they enjoyed it. This is good news for the camping industry and the activity itself.
  • 13% of adults indicate that they enjoy camping because they want to spend more time with their families.
  • 12% of adult indicate that they first went camping with their immediate family.
  • The majority of surveyed campers indicate that they are planning an average of 4.9 camping trips for the year.
  • 40 million people went camping for a total of 515 million outings in the year 2010.
  • 70% of camping in America is done in public campgrounds. Very often, one or two trips are all that it takes to convince your family to make camping a yearly way to have a family vacation.

Whether you are planning a surprise retirement get together for group of college friends or you are planning for a seventh annual family camping vacation, few things are as fulfilling and relaxing as a few days around a campfire nestled in a beautiful setting. From mountain to beachside campgrounds to simple tent pads near some of the nation’s most rigorous hiking trails, camping can offer you a vacation that you, your friends, and your family will remember for many years.

Family Friendly Camp Resorts

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Camping is one of the best ways for a family to spend time together. Outside, in natural setting far away from everyday stressors, we are able to connect and enjoy ourselves in ways we just can?t during our usual busy lives. Getting ?away from it all? with the family is an annual tradition for many Americans; in 2014 over 40 million Americans went camping, with over 500 million different trips. In addition, family camping trips totaled at around 535 million days altogether. That?s proof enough that a family camping trip is an American pastime.

Many people have fond memories of family camping trips they went on as kids. One survey found that 85 percent of those surveyed took their first trip before age 15, with almost 60 percent of adult campers saying that they regularly participated in outdoor activities as children. Being encouraged to spend time outdoors, and being given regular opportunities to do so, is proven to have a positive influence on children?s? health, well-being, and overall sense of self-confidence.
Quality time is crucial to a family?s happiness, whether in traditional or nontraditional ways. No matter the circumstances, family composition, or living arrangements, family vacation is one of the best things a family can do for themselves. Camping, whether in tents, RVs, or camp resorts, is an ideal way to get everyone together, away from electronics and other various distractions, in order to invest attention and time into communication, collaboration, and bonding.

Family camping trips build lasting memories, an annual series of ?remember when?s,? many of which involve learning new things in a fun way, from building a fire to fishing to outdoor safety. Experiencing new challenges together is a wonderful way for families to get to know each other better. And just as many memories involve fun events, like zip lines and splash parks and other activities found at outdoor adventure centers and camp resorts.

Whether backpacking through the wilderness or parking your RV at a series of camp resorts, family camping vacation spots aren?t hard to find in this beautiful nation! While about 70 percent of American camping is done in public campgrounds, there are also camp resorts and splash parks galore. Camp resorts offer a variety of family vacation options for the novice and experienced travel camper. More rustic styles with outdoor cooking amenities, or log cabins, offer the benefits of traditional camping with a slightly elevated level of comfort; for those who want more luxury, camp resorts with spas, restaurants, and guided tours might be a great choice.

Many of us are ready to hit the road the minute school is out, but there?s a reserved joy for those who plan late summer and early fall camping trips, especially in wooded campgrounds in climates that enjoy a change of color in autumn foliage. Cooler temperatures mean less chance of dehydration, less heat-related exhaustion, and fewer insects! In addition, campgrounds are a little less crowded than in the peak of summer, especially for lakeside campgrounds where summer campers come to keep cool. With peak season over, many camp resorts offer lower rates, making it more affordable for large families to enjoy a luxury vacation.

Winter is one of the best times to begin planning a family trip to a camp resort or outdoor adventure center. Not only does it make for a more stress-free trip later, but it helps chase the winter blues away, daydreaming about warmer days and family fun in the sun!

Does Your Family Need a Vacation to Help You Reconnect and Relax?

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You need a break. After a hectic school year, busy schedules at work, and weekends jam packed with practices and competitions, you are simply looking for an opportunity to get away as a family. In the past you have spent huge amounts of money staying at expensive hotels and shopping for hours at malls and boutiques, but this year you are looking for something different. When you were cleaning out the garage the other day, you came across the sleeping bags from when your kids liked to sleep in the backyard. They sometime slept on the trampoline, they sometimes put up a tent, and sometimes they just bundled up in their sleeping backs and slept on the deck. Oh, to have those days back!
Families who are looking for a way to slow down and spend time together are going back to simpler times. Instead of paying top dollar for expensive and lavish hotels, some families are planning camping vacations.
Family Camping Trips Can Take Place in a Variety of Settings
If you fear that announcing a family camping trip will send your teenage daughters into a state of panic, you might want to consider a camp resort that offers cabin rentals. For family who does not want to invest in hundreds of dollars of camping equipment, the cabin camping option is a good alternative. Stocked with kitchen supplies and hotel like furniture, these locations allow families to feel at home in a setting that is often surrounded by beautiful sites and a variety of activities. With on site parking, family camping trips with a cabin rental can actually feel like a home away from home.
Family members can decide to spend evenings out by the campfire or inside playing board games. For many families the chance to take a family vacation can turn into an exhausting schedule of running from attraction to attraction and long waits at expensive restaurants. Family camping trips, on the other hand, can follow a pace that you select. An early morning hike to enjoy the sunrise or an evening meal outside to enjoy the sunset are appealing options over a crowded restaurant.
For families who really want a chance to get back to nature, family camping trips are also a perfect answer. Located in places throughout the country, affordable public campgrounds are popular. Most camping, in fact as much as 70%, takes place in public campgrounds. Some families find some locations so appealing that they actually turn a one time trip into a family tradition that lasts for years.
Tent camping spaces come with a variety of amenities. Some locations are simple level spots where campers put up their tents on the bare ground. Other locations come with raised tent platforms or cement pads. With fire circles close by, some of these locations can be nestled into secluded areas that really give families a break from their hectic lives back home.
Family Camping Trips Provide an Opportunity to Enjoy Nature
One major advantage of family camping trips is that they can take place both close and far from home. Although campers travelled an average distance of 186.7 miles for their camping trips, other options are also available. Some families, in fact, only travel a few miles from home for their initial camping trips. As families become more and more familiar with the camping experience, they often take their adventures even further from home.
Another main advantage to the camping experience can be the cost. Families can select camping sites in a variety of price ranges. If, for instance, your family wants to have a low budget experience, many campgrounds will fit the bill. Without the expense of parking fees and other hotel and motel fees, the camping experience is often more clear cut. One price for a simple tent pad, another price for a cabin.
In a time when many families find themselves struggling to even have one or two meals together in a week, the allure of camping is growing. Finding a time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other is often the goal of many family trips. Getting away from the stress of work deadlines and the complicated schedule of practices and competitions, family camping is an affordable and convenient option.

Choosing the Right Florida Vacation Spot

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Resort hotel

Vacation. It’s what every American dreams about–a week or two away from the daily grind of working and for those who stay at home, a chance to get out to a new place with new people, those demands of caring for children lifted slightly.

There are dream vacation destinations–camping in the woods, visiting a new, exciting city, and the beach, where Americans can go for relaxation, sunshine, and a little respite from responsibilities.

For beach-lovers, there are few places in the U.S. that beat out Florida. When you’re in Florida, you’re never more than 60 miles from the nearest beach. Florida has nearly 8,500 miles of tidal shoreline, second only to Alaska, and minus the freezing temperatures. And it’s more than just beaches. Consider these facts:

  • The coral reef in Key West is the third largest in the world.
  • 80% of loggerhead turtles in the United States reside in the beaches of Florida.
  • Sanibel Island, off the coast of Florida, is one of the top 10 beaches in the world for shelling, having more than 400 species of shells.

One amazing area to visit if you’re in search of a peaceful beach is Indian County on the eastern coastline. Indian County is home to many beaches, including its most popular Vero Beach, which was named in USA Today as an “Easy Beach Escape” in 2015. Only 15,000 people reside in the city according to the 2010 Census, and is part of the Treasure Coast, a reference to the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet lost off the coast in the hurricane.

The key with any beach vacation is considering the lodging that a location has to offer. Lodging facilities can range from a waterfront hotel to an ocean resort to a hotel near the beach. Types of hotels can vary with price point and location. Lodging facilities will generally rise in cost as they grow nearer to the beach. But they add the convenience of a short travel distance. Sometimes you can walk to the beach, which feels luxurious.

In the United States, over 650 million long-distance summer trips are made. The five most popular summer vacation activities in the United States are shopping at 54%, visiting historical sites at 49%, swimming and water sports at 49%, going to a park or national park at 46%, and sightseeing tours at 46%.

Vacations are also the activity that makes families most happy, according to a survey. In that survey, 37% of families say vacations made them happy, higher than any other alternative. Florida, with its 1,300 miles of coastlines, 660 miles of beaches, 11,000 miles of inland water streams, occupies an important place in the relaxation and rejuvenation of American families.

Next time you’re considering a vacation in Florida, remember to think about the following:

  • Whether you want a large populated beach or a smaller one
  • How close you want to be to the beach
  • Lodging facilities and whether you want a more decadent experience or a casual one

Choosing a Vacation Rental Property for Your Next Vacation

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Why stay in a hotel when you can create a home-away-from-home with a vacation rental? Whether you’re looking for different types of seasonal rental properties or last minute lodging options, there’s a rental property that can suit your and your family’s needs.

Vacations make families happy, according to a recent survey, where 37% said that they are happiest when on vacation. When these families choose a vacation rental rather than a hotel, the lower rates most likely add to this positive feeling. A survey showed that 62% of the people polled chose to rent a property for this very reason.

There are five major reasons why vacationers choose rentals rather than hotels or resorts:

    Value for price: 94%
    Privacy: 90%
    Full kitchen facilities: 87%
    Amenities: 84%
    More space overall: 81%

Over the past two years, 22% of travelers have spent their vacation time in a home rental rather than a hotel or resort. Other travelers, approximately 24%, stayed in a condominium resort. During the last year, however, one-out-of-four families stayed in a vacation home.

When on vacation, many people bring their work with them. A survey indicated that 61% of people on vacation continue to work. Even though these individuals are on a working vacation, they are still able to engage in pleasurable activities by visiting local attractions.

During the winter, 61% of vacationers travel for pleasure, and two of the favorite wintertime activities in the United States are skiing and snowboarding. During 2015, for example, over 13.5 million people went skiing at least once, and 7.7 million people went snowboarding.

When heading to these winter vacations, 86% of travelers drive their own car, van, or SUV. In this way, they can bring extra clothes and other personal items such as sports gear. If flying, this could be quite expensive, especially with a large family.

Other vacationers are choosing ski in ski out lodging to rent. If this appeals to you, then you can contact a rental agency for ski in ski out lodging tips.

Celebration vacations are also a popular choice for vacation rentals. When celebrating a special occasion, 69% of travelers choose to stay in a rental property. This makes so much more sense than having everyone stay in a hotel.

If you haven’t stayed in a vacation rental before, consider the benefits of doing so for your next vacation. Just imagine how much more relaxed you’ll be in a home rather than in a hotel.