Why A Vacation Rental Might Be Right For You


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Ah, vacation. It’s something that we plan over the course of months or even years, and look forward to the entire time. Oftentimes, our vacations take place during the summer — and with good reason. Kids aren’t the only times who get more time off during the summer. Parents who have jobs with school districts usually get summers off. They’re also more likely to get time of during the summer as their employers can expect that families with children will want to vacation during the summer months. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that a total of 45% of Americans take summer vacations. You could argue that summer vacations are important parts of American life! But where do we go on vacation? Although the answer varies, it’s estimated that 45% of people on beach vacations, 43% go to the city, 21% go to national parks, 17% to lakes, and 14% to resorts. But vacations don’t look quite the same as they once did. No longer do people rent out hotel rooms for many days at a time, instead choosing vacation rentals. As you’ll see below, vacation rentals — coming in a variety of different forms, from full-blown houses to beach condos — have several different advantages that leave competition in the dust.

Vacation Rentals: Taking The Guesswork Out Of Vacationing

The fact is that as relaxing as a good vacation is, planning for it is anything but relaxing. There are so many different worries to take into consideration when deciding on where to go on vacation. A survey indicates that 26% of travelers are worried about losing their credit cards, 25% are concerned about travel documents, 24% are worried about getting sick, 15% fret over losing their luggage, and 10% are worried about getting in an accident or damaging their rental cars. Vacation rentals ensure that you have one less thing to worry about. Hotel rooms are typically rented out from night to night, are much smaller and less equipped, and tend to be a bit more of a hassle in terms of getting them ready for a vacation. Beach condo rentals, for example, are really yours to relax in. While a hotel has room service regularly wandering into your room, vacation condo rentals don’t come with that concern. You have more independence, and indeed you’re often closer to everything you would want to be near in a condo. Beach rentals, for example, are closer to the beach than your typical hotel while also being close to town.

Value: The Real Price Of Hotels And Vacation Rentals

There are many reasons why people choose vacation rentals over alternatives in this day and age. The most important, however, may be the value. While a hotel room may seem to cost less, you get much less value in a cramped room than you would in an actual condo. Whether you rent a condo or a house, you get everything you need, plus more space, without paying that much more. Certainly, the value of a good vacation rental is basically undeniable when you take everything into account. It’s believed that the top five reasons why leisure travelers choose vacation rentals over staying in traditional hotels or resorts are the value for the price at 94%, privacy at 90%, full kitchen facilities at 87%, amenities at 84%, and more space overall at 81%. The full kitchen facilities alone can save you a lot of money; rather than going out to eat, you can cook.

Privacy: Having Your Own Space On Vacation

Let’s expand upon another reason why people prefer vacation rentals. Privacy is so important when you’re trying to relax on vacation. While in a hotel you’re close to other residents and constantly in the presence of employees, in a vacation rental you really have your own space. Even if you’re vacationing with family, the rooms are spaced out enough for people to really enjoy themselves and take the relaxation time they need.