Three Exciting Things You Will Find Near A Netanya Hotel


Netanya hotel

It is no wonder that near 300,000 made the journey to Israel from across the globe just in July of 2012 since the country is so rich with history and culture and if you stay in a Netanya hotel, you will have a great base of operations to see it all. If you stay at a Netanya hotel, you will find yourself in a city that has been at the heart of the diamond cutting industry for upwards of eighty years. However, from your Netanya hotel, there will be three exciting types of tourism that you should explore while you are within Israel’s borders.

The first kind of tourism you can experience after you journey from a hotel in Israel is archeological tourism. With this sort of tourist experience, you will get the chance to see ancient historical sites that are hundreds and even thousands of years old which will prove to be a far cry from luxurious hotels in israel. The second type is heritage tourism which will allow you to explore the history of the cultural evolution of the area surrounding your Tel aviv hotel. In Israel, this will greatly be intertwined with religion because it has been such a large part of the local culture for dozens of generations. Finally, you will have the chance to explore ecotourism; something you can see part of right from your hotel in Netanya. This is because from a Netanya hotel Israeli tourists can see beautiful beaches and lush landscapes.