Sales for Dummies The Link Between Weak First Impressions and an Inability to Close Deals


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There is no denying that there is a cool, suave conviction in American business. In film, The Wolf of Wall Street best captures this sentiment and expectation for the thriving business person; cool, composed, and completely in control — this is what real business is about. Whether meeting with potential investors or potential clients, no one gets a second shot at making a lasting first impression.

First Impressions are Everything

Anyone who has worked in sales knows that the sales representative is even more essential than the product in many cases; if a product could sell itself, why would there be a need for marketing, research and development, or sales teams? The way that an individual carries themselves says something about the product and the business itself. Confidence sells, arrogance doesn’t — there is a careful distinction between the two that can only be realized through practice. That first impression is crucial to closing a deal; to this end businesses need to ensure that their sales representatives are composed, professional, and informed — the icing on the cake is a grand appearance.

Luxury Car Rental

Whether sending a representative to meet a client or arranging transportation for an investor, it cannot hurt to splurge. Wealth is a status symbol; businesses need to use this social dynamic to their advantage to ensure that their wealth — their success — is visualized. Although luxury car rental services could arrange limousines and exotic cars, decisions ought to be informed and practical to a situation; in some cases unnecessarily extravagant transportation options could backfire and come off as over-compensating and an attempt to flatter. There is no general rule for business transportation; each client, business partner, and investor must be considered on an individual-level for the greatest effect.

Jet Charter Services

In considering individual clients, sometimes a private jet charter service might make the most sense. There are 8 million people who fly every day with the average business aircraft passenger taking an average of 15 trips by air every six months. Although first class resolves many of the issues with comfort that plague commercial airlines, business representatives may not necessarily be productive during this time. Studies find that passengers aboard company-operated aircraft spend around 36% of their time in meeting with colleges, 30% of the time doing individual work-related tasks, and the remaining time not working. To increase productivity and make a strong first impression at the landing airport, many businesses turn to charter plane services. Private charter jets are ideal for conventions and long-distance meetings that require the transportation of a number of employees; at the same time private charter jets are inappropriate in a number of situations — use proper judgment to ensure that your business is capable of making informed investments as this speaks to onlookers! Thanks to jet charter services, businesses can make a lasting first impression that is sure to help them stand out in a crowd without breaking the company bank.