Oceanfront Condos Are the New Way to Vacation


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Ocean views, all access spas, and poolside bars come to mind when thinking of a summer getaway. Summer is right around the corner and destinations all over the United States are being sought after. Almost half of Americans partake in a summer vacation. Beaches, cities, national parks and resorts are all recognized as popular destinations for those summer trips. With so many options to choose from, vacation rentals can be tricky to find and book. Oceanfront condos are most popular among vacation rentals rather than hotels and resorts. Myrtle Beach oceanfront rentals being high on the list. Leisure travelers listed value for price, privacy, full kitchen facilities, amenities and overall more space as the top five reasons they choose vacation rentals over hotels.

When discussing the subject of oceanfront condos, it is important to establish the difference between oceanfront and ocean view. Ocean view condos are typically more affordable than oceanfront. While they are not directly on the beach, they are still close in proximity and often have great views of the water in more than one room. You’ll feel as if you’re closer. One very important aspect to keep in mind is that these views are highly dependent on the positioning of the building itself.

Oceanfront condos have balconies that are parallel to the ocean. This means that you can see up and down the coast without ever leaving the unit. However, ocean view units commonly have balconies positioned on the side of the building. This means that some views may allow you to see the full ocean view without obstructions or others can include views of other buildings and balconies in addition to direct line of sight of the ocean. With that being said, photos of the property are a must if this is important to your stay.

Speaking of wants and needs, it is advised to have an idea of not only what type of oceanfront condo rentals you are searching for, but also when to book. North Myrtle Beach condos tend to sell fastest as they offer the most amenities and satisfy just about any budget with the right timing and research. Reserving early allows you to get the best selection of guaranteed available units. Booking late, while not recommended, can expose opportunities for discounts. Owners seek to make profit of some kind rather than nothing at all in the season so discounted rates can be found at the last minute.

Ultimately, when browsing oceanfront condos to rent and reserving one, find out what you want your experience to be like and how much you are willing to pay for it.