How To Plan The Perfect Summer Family Camping Vacation


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Don’t let the cold get you down. Summer is right around the corner! Planning for a fun family vacation is one of the most enjoyable processes the average American family goes through while the snow’s still falling, with a plethora of beautiful and fun options to choose from the country over. Where should you get started with planning out your next great summer vacation? Take a glance at the list below to learn a little more about splash parks, camping methods and financial tips to ensure your get-together is a success.

How Often Do Americans Camp?

Worried about your available options? Worry no more! The recent 2014 American Camper Report saw a stunning 40 million Americans (that’s 14% of the entire country’s population over the age of six) camping the previous year. Because of this ever increasing number campgrounds, water parks and resorts alike are always expanding their accommodations to match any family’s goals and budget. Another camping study by the American Camper Report showed a whopping 99% of participants saying they were either likely over very likely to camp the next year.

What Are Popular Camping Activities?

There’s no need to fret about what to do when you get there. There’s plenty of good weather and fun ideas to go around! Spring of 2008 saw the number of people who went either backpacking or hiking within the last 12 months amounting to nearly 30 million across the country — by the time 2014 rolled around there were nearly 40 million people who had been actively hiking and backpacking within the last year.

Why Do People Love Camping?

Camping is a brilliant way of enjoying the great outdoors, appreciating the weather, getting fit and spending time with loved ones. Studies have shown nearly 14% of adult participants camping to specifically spend more time with their families, with additional studies showing people more inclined to bring friends along for the ride than go solo. The year 2011 saw family camping vacations remaining the most popular choices for American families — they spent nearly 535 million days collectively that very year, with trends suggesting this number will remain constant for decades to come.

Where Do People Prefer To Camp?

Not sure where to camp? Take a look at the most popular preferences. The majority of camping (at about 70%) is done in public campgrounds, although classic tents and RVs are still much beloved as a more classic choice — good camping amenities are a deal breaker for those who want as much comfort as possible on their trip. Splash parks, in particular, combine the fun of summer with the traditional methods of camping for a combination that everyone is sure to enjoy. Over 80% of campers participated in multiple outdoor activities while on their vacation and the overwhelming majority of surveyed campers plan an average of five trips.

How Should I Prepare?

Before you start camping you should make sure you’re covered when it comes to camping amenities. Basic equipment such as matches, flares, flashlights, sunscreen and bug spray should be well-stocked to make sure you’re safe and secure for every single day you’re at your designated summer campgrounds or local tent site. When it comes to fun camping amenities consider supplementing your trip with a pool or a splash park to up the wow factor for everyone involved. Camping is a wonderful way of spending your summer — taking a little time now to plan will go a long way in creating a hit season.