Planning the Perfect Cabin Camping Trip

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Cabin rentals michigan

The good thing about camping in a campground with cabins is that you can camp any time of the year. Most campground with cabin locations has running water, electricity, and heat. Choosing a campground with cabin rentals is also a great way to explore a new area. You don?t have to worry about the unpredictable weather or the unknown local terrain. Some of the best cabin rentals are in the following places.

Cabin rentals in Michigan
The state of Michigan is in the Midwest and has all four seasons. Right now, Michigan is transitioning into fall and it can be a beautiful sight. The leaves are changing colors and you can get a true fall camping experience with cabins in Michigan. Although the weather drops down a little in the evenings, it does not get too cold. In fact, it is actually the perfect weather to sit around a campfire, making smores and telling stories. If the fall chill is too much for you, you have your cabin rental to go back into.

Cabins rentals in New York
New York is not often known for camping. It is known for its busy downtown city with many restaurants and clubs. However, the state of New York can also be very beautiful as a camping setting. Cabins in New York give you the ability to see the other side of New York, a side that not many know. Additionally, you are in close proximity to the busy city and if you want, you can spend a day shopping and dining. After your busy day in the city, you can head back to your quiet campground and comfortable cabin in the woods. Camping in New York is also perfect for the busy New York family that needs a break from the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

Cabin rentals in Florida
What if your camping trip included tropical paradise? You don?t have to break the bank to take a vacation to Florida. Cabin rentals Florida put you close to the beach and allow you to participate in the same warm weather activities you would if you had paid for an expensive hotel resort. Additionally, many campground with cabin locations in Florida are located either directly on, or nearby the beach. You can have your toes in the sand, within minutes. With 87% of campers participating in multiple outdoor activities, you will find a good variety of activities in the state of Florida.

Cabin rentals in California
California is known for its laid back and relaxed feel, which makes it the perfect camping destination. You will also find that the cost of hotel and other accommodations in California can be pricey and choosing cabin rentals California is an affordable and exciting way to see the state. Just make sure you plan your California camping trip well in advance, as it tends to be a popular camping destination. Approximately 43% of campers planned their trips at least one month in advance. Because the state has so many forests and beautiful oceanfront views, planning ahead ensures you get the camping experience that you desire.

Campgrounds with cabins offer families a more preferred method of camping. When you rent a cabin, you have more control over your amenities and comfort. Fortunately, you can rent cabins in pretty much any state in the country. Plan your camping trip in the Midwest in Michigan rentals, venture south to Florida cabin rentals, head to the east for some New York camping, or relax in a California campground. With 99% of camping participants saying they were likely or very likely to camp next year, you will have so much fun that you will want to plan another trip before the first one is even over.

Camping – An American Past-time

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Minnesota cabin rentals

Chances are most of us went camping as kids, and if you’re from the Mid-West, it’s almost a guarantee that you have. There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire in the middle of the night, listening to the sounds of nature and the crackle of the fire. Friends or family may be involved. Hiking in the woods, exploring the area around the campsite. Maybe a few games like volleyball or horseshoes. Fishing, too, is a good way to pass the time and bond. Yes, there’s nothing like it.

Is there any wonder why it’s a favorite American past-time?

According to statistics, camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States. It doesn’t matter if it is in a tent at a campground, a cabin, a recreational vehicle or even just the backyard. In 2013 alone, the revenue of campgrounds and RV parks was estimated at around $5 billion. That’s a lot of money to roast marshmallows and eat smores.

In fact, camping is so popular that most individuals go several times a year. In 2010, it’s estimated that 40 million people took 515 million camping trips altogether! That’s a lot of time at the cabin! Statistics state that most people, on average, go for 14.9 days, too! Talk about some vacation time!

The most popular method of camping appears to be staying at state park campgrounds, with 40% using this method to camp. National parks are next on the list at 14% and local at 10%, the rest being either tent or RV camping in the woods, cabins, or campgrounds. Taking into account that $1.5 billion was spent on camping equipment in 2014, mostly backpacks and sleeping bags, it’s pretty apparent which might be the fourth most popular option!

But who could blame them? A night under the stars can do a world of good. So pick a spot, grab some friends, and enjoy the great outdoors!